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Guide To Choosing The Right Broadband Package

Broadband Package

Better infrastructure and investment means speed broadband is available to the majority of the UK.

We have built great commercial partnerships to offer great broadband packages for homes and businesses.

However, with plenty of home and business broadband packages to choose from, which is actually the right on for your home? There are some things to consider.

How do you use the internet?

Different types of users will demand different things from there connection. It’s pointless paying too much for a service you don’t need. It’s also frustrating when you pay the cheapest package and it isn’t delivering what you want either.

There are other things to keep in mind too. You will want to have a budget in mind and do you want to bolt on extra services like TV and telephone.

Basic Internet Usage

Casually browsing the internet and checking your emails doesn’t require the fastest internet speeds. You will find great value for money in selecting the cheapest energy deal.

What is known as an ADSL connection will be plenty. They offer some of the cheapest deals. It’s wise to look for unlimited or capped data to ensure you’re never charged more than expected.

Families and house sharers

You will need something a little quicker if there’s a few of you in the house. You’ll likely be best suited to a fibre broadband connection.

You may also be interested in parental controls. They generally come as standard with most internet packages. But check before agreeing to a deal if you need this service.

Streamers and gamers

Most households stream Netflix and Amazon Prime these days. You should be ok with a standard fibre connection. However, if you’re a gamer, you’re going to need something a bit quicker.

You will need to look for a superfast fibre broadband deal. Especially if you have a few Netflix addicts in the house. Remember to consider how many devices are usually in use at any one time.

You may also want to check your package includes unlimited downloads.

Student broadband deals

Late-night assignments, streaming Spotify and Netflix. Internet is essential at University. This means you need to pick the right package that is going to get you through all those late nights.

Most of the time, a 12-month deal isn’t worth it. You’ll want to look for a great fibre broadband deal with a bit of flexibility. When comparing broadband deals, you will want to look for a 9-month contract. However, you still might be able to find a 12-month deal that comes in cheaper. Be sure to check out the cancellation fees just in case. 

What can affect my broadband speed?

You may be still experiencing slower speeds than anticipated. It can be frustrating, but some things slow your broadband speed down to lower than advertised.

Distance from the ‘green cabinet’

The green cabinet you typically see at the end of streets are hubs for broadband connections for homes in your area. The further away your house is from this cabinet, the slower broadband speed you will experience. You will want to over-compensate for this distance with a higher package. We know it can be frustrating.

Multiple connected devices

The more devices connected to the internet, the slower your speeds are. If you’re not using your computer, tablets, games consoles, or any other device connected to the internet; turn them off. You’ll be able to stream that movie much quicker.

Home layout

Thick walls and furniture arrangement actually has a significant impact on your speeds. Especially if you have nearby electronic equipment causing disruption. You should try and place your router centrally in your home with nothing around it that could disrupt the signal.

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Broadband Packages FAQs

  • How accurate are broadband speeds?

    In some instances, you will not get the speeds advertised when you purchased your broadband package. This is normal. Broadband speeds usually slow down during peak hours.

    You should read the fine print whilst purchasing your broadband to see the minimum expected speeds.

  • What is a good internet speed?

    For basic users, a simple package will be about 10 or 11Mbps. This is enough for basic internet searches, online shopping and emails. You may want to look for a speed of 30 Mbps for streaming Netflix and video calling.

  • How do I know what my broadband speed is?

    You can test your current broadband speed using this free online test. If you’re experiencing regularly slower speeds, you should compare the latest broadband deals and upgrade.

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