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How To Choose The Right Student Broadband Deal

Student Broadband Deals (1)

All student homes depend on the internet. Whether carrying out research for an assignment or streaming Netflix, you need a steady broadband connection.

Setting up your student home broadband is another life task that many will be taking on for the first time. However, finding the perfect student broadband deal doesn’t need to be difficult.

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Here, we look at how you can find cheap broadband deals that you can rely on.

How To Get The Right Speed

Smaller households of around two people will likely be fine with standard ADSL broadband. This usually offers average download speeds of around 10 or 11 Mb.

Those in larger households, or those who are big on streaming videos and gaming, may want to opt for increased speeds. Fibre optic broadband with an average download speed of 35Mb should be sufficient.

If you’re in a household of five or more people, you’ll definitely want a fast fibre package. Average download speeds of 67 Mb are available from most providers. If you want to opt for a more expensive package, you can push up to 362Mb.

Finding The Right Download Limit

Cheaper broadband deals will often keep your bills low with a download limit. This is commonly around 25GB per month. However, in a student home, you’ll certainly want to opt for unlimited downloads.

Fortunately, most broadband packages now offer unlimited downloads. Prices for unlimited download deals are now very reasonable, so there will be plenty of options available.

How To Choose The Right Contract Length

Students should be aware that broadband contracts can have sizeable cancellation fees. This makes it vital to ensure you choose the right contract length.

Most broadband contracts are over a period of 12 to 18 months. For students, these terms may not be the best option. If you would prefer a shorter term, you can choose from:

  • 9-month student broadband – Student contracts are planned to start in October and end in June. The aim is to cover the time when you’re living in your student home.
  • Contract-free broadband – This offers a rolling 30-day contract rather than a long-term commitment. You can start the contract when you move in and cancel it without penalty when you move out. However, these deals will often be more expensive.

Can You Get Broadband Without A Phone Line?

It’s highly unlikely your student home will rely on a landline phone. However, most broadband deals include line rentals as broadband is usually delivered through phone lines.

There are a few options for those who don’t want line rental included in their broadband deal.

Virgin Media are the only major UK provider offering broadband-only deals. As Virgin Media have their own cable network, they don’t require line rental.

Mobile broadband is another option available. This uses 4G so there’s no requirement for line rental. However, these deals often come with fairly restrictive download limits and increased costs.

It’s worth bearing in mind that line rental won’t add a great deal of cost to your broadband deal. On cheap broadband deals, you won’t see much difference in price compared to broadband-only plans.

Tips for finding the cheapest student broadband deals

Tip 1: Consider What You Need

Before you select your broadband deal, it’s important to consider what you need. Think about what you want from your broadband. This can include the speeds and contact length.

Tip 2: Calculate The Total Cost

Make sure you calculate packages by their total first-year cost. A cheaper headline price may be inflated by added costs including router costs and connection fees. Our comparison engine will provide you with the full cost of your broadband deal.

Tip 3: Get Your Timing Right

You should bear in mind that broadband can take a couple of weeks to switch on. To avoid being left without internet, choose your broadband deal before the term starts.

Tip 4: Decide How You’ll Split The Bill

Make sure you discuss how the bill will be split with your housemates before selecting a deal. You’ll need to choose one person to be named on your bills. Your broadband costs will come out of their bank account.

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