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Reduce Water Waste - Checklist

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For any business, your water costs can be a significant outgoing. Whether water is critical to your business or you simply require water to run the toilets and make the brews, it’s important to make the most of your water usage.

Fortunately, you can take simple steps to lower business water costs and reduce the chance of water outages.             

Start making the most of your water usage with our water-ready checklist for businesses:

1. Monitor your current water usage

Top tip:

A smart water meter will provide daily updates on how much water you’re using allowing you to track any peaks and troughs in your water usage.

2. Record the details of your water retailer and wholesaler for your region

Did you know?

4 in 10 SMEs faced a water supply problem over a 12-month period. If your business suffers a water outage, your water retailer and the wholesaler for your region can update you on what actions are being taken to correct the problems.

3. Check pipes for leakages

Top tip:

Keep an eye on your water usage for any sudden spikes in your consumption. This will help you identify any leaks at your premises.

4. Educate staff on water usage

Did you know?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, avoiding dripping taps can save 5,000 litres of water each year. Encouraging staff to take simple steps such as only using the water needed in the kettle, only running a dishwasher when full, and turning off taps fully can reduce your water usage.

5. Add signage to points of water use on how to report water leaks

Top tip:

Even visitors to your premises can help you reduce and track water usage. Adding clear signage to points of water use will allow staff or visitors to report any water leaks found whilst using your premises.

6. Consolidate your water bills

Did you know?

Since the deregulation of the water market in Scotland in 2008 and England in 2017, businesses with premises in more than one region can now consolidate their bills to one retailer. If you currently have contracts with various regional wholesalers, consolidating your bills will make it much easier to track and manage your business water costs and usage.

Ready to improve your business water efficiency? Click here to download the checklist. 

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