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Is it cheaper to use electricity at night? Here at Love Energy Savings helping people save money on their energy bills is our business, so we are the right people to ask!

The short answer is that most energy suppliers charge the same rate for electricity use throughout the day. But, yes, there are some electricity tariffs that offer a cheaper price for using electricity at certain off-peak times during the night.

Understanding Peak vs. Off-Peak Electricity Times

Off-peak times vary slightly depending on the supplier, but they are usually between 10pm and 8am. This is when the least energy is taken from the grid and so energy suppliers offer cheaper prices.

Peak time is during the day. The unit price for an Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff will be higher during the day than on a normal energy contract.

Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariffs

Customers on an Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff will benefit from off-peak energy prices at night. Economy 7 tariffs allow you to benefit from 7 hours of off-peak hours, while Economy 10 tariffs allow you to benefit from 10 hours of off-peak tariffs.

These tariffs are only worthwhile for people who use the majority of their electricity over night as daytime prices are more expensive than a standard fixed rate tariff.

Benefits of Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariffs

The main benefits of Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs will be for those who use the majority of their electricity at night as the unit price will be reduced.

For example, if you run a business that is most active at night, or charge electric vehicles at your home or business, you could benefit from reduced off-peak tariff rates.

However, if you are not using the majority of your electricity during the night, be aware that as the unit rate of energy during the day is more expensive you need to monitor your energy usage. Many Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs will require you to install a smart meter and this can help you monitor how much energy you are using.

If you are not sure if you are on an Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff, check a recent energy bill.

Using electrical appliances at night.

First a word of warning, every year there are over 7,000 house fires as a result of faulty wiring or overloaded sockets so make sure you check your appliances regularly, particularly white goods, and don’t overload extension cords or sockets. If a fire breaks out during the night, it is more likely to go unnoticed.

However, with an Economy 7 or 10 tariff it does make sense to use appliances overnight safely, such as your dishwasher, washing machine and other high-energy usage appliances. Running them overnight will save you money on your energy bills.

Switch to an off-peak electricity tariff with Love Energy Savings

At Love Energy Savings, we make comparing off-peak electricity and dual fuel prices simple. Using our innovative energy comparison calculator, you can compare the best Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs from a wide range of energy suppliers.

To find out how much you could save by switching, simple complete our online comparison tool here.

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