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British Gas Vs Ovo Energy

Daniel Hill |

July 2022

Energy 2 (1)

Love Energy Savings take the hard work out of comparing suppliers. Save time by seeing the latest 2023 prices from the UK's leading suppliers in less than 30 seconds!

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Best Energy Supplier: British Gas Vs Ovo Energy

British Gas and Ovo Energy are part of the Big Six. This select group represents the energy suppliers available to homeowners and business owners in the UK. But do their reputations precede them?

Oftentimes, energy customers in the UK are so stressed out while they are moving homes or premises that they blindly choose a big-name supplier. Although this might be the easiest option, it could lead to problems down the line.

With our dedicated guide, it has never been easier to cut through the jargon. Domestic and commercial energy consumers never have to get caught in disappointing contracts ever again.

Our experts have compared British Gas and Ovo Energy based on packages, prices, customer service ratings, and even new customer incentives. Keep reading to discover your new energy supplier.

Why Compare Energy Suppliers?

Whether you are an Ovo business energy customer, a British Gas business energy customer, or a domestic energy consumer who wants the best deal, it is important to compare suppliers. This is especially true for consumers who are looking at the Big Six energy companies.

Big Six energy companies have lots of tools at their disposal to bolster their reputations and smooth over poor reviews. If prospective customers do not look close enough, they might miss massive problems.

Besides, domestic and commercial energy consumers who compare suppliers are more likely to get tailored services. Energy suppliers are beginning to understand the importance of catering to different sectors and businesses.

When you consider all the benefits of comparing British Gas and Ovo Energy, you would be mad not to.

Compare Supplier Prices

Which Has the Best Range of Tariffs for Home Energy? (Winner: British Gas)

Prospective British Gas customers can choose from a range of home energy tariffs. This includes Fixed-Price, Green, and Electric Vehicle tariffs as well as Energy Plus Home Services. Fixed-price tariffs give homeowners and renters protection from any price increases. The unit rate always remains the same, which is brilliant for people who want to lock in a good deal. Ovo’s Fixed-Price tariff is available for 10 or more months.

British Gas will match 100% of the electricity and 10% of the gas that customers use on the Green Tariff. They match it with renewable sources and even offset the carbon footprint created by the remaining 90% by investing in carbon emission projects. It offers fixed prices for 10 or more months. For every year a customer stays on this tariff, British Gas will protect up to 10 trees in the UK.

The Electric Vehicle Tariff is ideal for people who can benefit from low unit rates between 12 am and 5 am. As part of this package, customers will also get a free smart meter installation.

The Energy Plus Home Services package is designed for people who appreciate comprehensive deals. It promises fixed unit rates and Central Heating Breakdown Cover, Plumbing and Drains Cover, and Home Electrical Cover. It is only available for 12 or more months, and it will automatically renew after 12 months.

Likewise, Ovo Energy offers a range of home energy tariffs.

The 2 Year Fixed Energy plan does exactly what it says on the tin. Customers can expect fixed unit rates for 2 years. Fixed unit rates do not necessarily mean the same bills every month. If you use more energy from one month to the next, your bills will be higher. This tariff comes with 100% renewable electricity. Ovo will even plant a tree in each customer’s name every year!

Ovo Energy’s Dual Fuel Plan is perfect for people who want the best of both worlds. By getting electricity and gas from the same supplier, home energy consumers can avoid the hassle of separate bills and customer service support. This deal includes 100% renewable electricity as standard, a 3-5% interest reward when the account is in credit, and one tree planted every year.

Click here for a full breakdown of the types of home energy tariffs on the market.

Winner: British Gas cinches the win because it has a wider range of tariffs, and the information is much more transparent.

Which Has the Best Prices for Home Energy? (Winner: Draw)

It is no secret that home energy consumers are always on the lookout for the cheapest deal. While homeowners can expect transparent prices for services such as broadband, the same cannot be said for home energy services.

Both British Gas and Ovo Energy make customers request a quote. Once customers have requested a quote, they will receive tailored support. Home energy prices vary based on a lot of factors, including location. Getting a tailored quote is much better than seeing a general price and receiving higher bills in the long run!

Use our home energy comparison generator to survey the market in under 60 seconds, and read through our energy price cap 2022 update for more information about the changing energy landscape.

Winner: This round is a draw.

Compare British Gas & Ovo Tariffs

Which Has the Best Customer Service for Home Energy? (Winner: Ovo Energy)

Lots of home energy suppliers claim to have brilliant customer service support, but fail to deliver. In our digital world, it has never been easier to find out how existing customers feel about their suppliers.

At Love Energy Savings, we rely on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is a reputable platform that allows existing customers to leave honest, real-time reviews. Some businesses try to direct new customers away from poor reviews by creating lots of different accounts.

British Gas has created a few different accounts on Trustpilot, but for this guide, we will look at the account that has the most reviews. This supplier has 3.2/5 stars on Trustpilot and an overall rating of average. Over 100,000 British Gas business energy and home energy customers have left reviews.

43% of people think that the services are excellent, and 32% think that the services are bad. Positive reviewers mention customer service representatives by name and claim that they have had ‘excellent service.’ Negative reviewers claim that support representatives are ‘intimidating’ and do not know enough about the services that they provide. The good news is that a representative replies to all negative reviews.

Ovo Energy has 4.2/5 stars on Trustpilot and an overall rating of great. Over 55,000 Ovo business energy and home energy customers have left a review. An astounding 70% of customers think that the services are excellent, and only 9% of customers think that the services are bad. Excellent reviewers applaud the easy set-up process and the ‘fantastic service.’ Negative reviewers were disappointed to wait over an hour for customer support.

A representative from Ovo replies to all negative reviews with solutions and support.

Winner: Based on ratings alone, Ovo Energy is the clear winner here. However, British Gas has almost double the number of customer reviews, and it definitely earns points for replying to all its negative reviews.

Which Has the Best Green Credentials for Home Energy? (Winner: Ovo Energy)

More and more domestic energy consumers want to invest in suppliers who care about the environment. With the government’s Net Zero Strategy underway, suppliers are working hard to contribute to a greener future.

British Gas offers its customers a range of tariffs with environmental benefits. All fixed electricity tariffs are zero carbon as standard. Eco-conscious customers will be happy to find that this supplier is transparent about its Fuel Mixes. Information about fuel sources can be found on the link above.

On some tariffs, British Gas will match the electricity that customers use with renewable electricity. All the Green Tariffs benefit from 100% renewable electricity.

The Green Future Tariff is the most environmentally-friendly deal on offer. This supplier will buy 100% of the electricity that customers use from renewable generators in the UK through agreements called Power Purchase Agreements. As well as that, 10% of the gas that customers use is fed into the gas network through renewable sources and the remaining 90% is offset.

Ovo Energy customers can expect 100% renewable electricity as standard. Renewable electricity comes with every Ovo package, and this supplier will even plant a tree per customer per year.

Ovo Beyond is a green upgrade. Customers can add it to any package for just £6 a month, and the first 3 months are free! It offers 100% carbon-neutral energy from sources such as the wind and sun. It also includes 100% carbon-neutral gas and 15% green gas. Ovo offsets the remaining 85% and plants 5 trees per customer per year. It even supports carbon-offsetting projects that aim to save rainforests in Guatemala!

Winner: Ovo Energy wins this round because all tariffs come with 100% renewable electricity as standard. Ovo Beyond also offers consumers an opportunity to improve their eco credentials for just £6 a month!

Which Has the Best Incentives for Home Energy? (Winner: British Gas)

Since the dawn of time, service providers have been using incentives to reel in new customers. Incentives might be anything from vouchers to credit or even cash. Some suppliers even promise new customers reduced tariff prices.

Although Ovo Energy has a lot of information about moving home and switching suppliers, it does not offer new customer incentives. The same is true of British Gas, but this supplier does have a dedicated Rewards programme for existing customers. Customers can enter into prize draws and get big discounts on things like family days out and restaurants.

Winner: This round was almost a draw, but British Gas won because it promises new customers discounts and prizes through its Rewards programme.

Overall Home Energy Winner: Draw

We recommend Ovo Energy and British Gas in equal measure. Both suppliers meet and even exceed their reputations.

British Gas is perfect for home energy consumers who want a wider range of packages and the opportunity to win giveaways. Ovo is better suited to customers who favour eco-friendly packages and better customer support.

Compare Tariffs & Prices

Which Has the Best Range of Tariffs for Business Energy? (Winner: British Gas Business Energy)

British Gas business energy customers are separated into those that spend less than £300,000 and more than £300,000 a year on energy. Unlike a lot of suppliers, this one does not name its packages. Customers can, however, browse through a range of benefits.

Customers that spend less than £300,000 a year on energy can expect fixed business gas prices, plans that range from 30 days to 3 years, and expertise that matches the size of their business.

Customers that spend more than £300,000 a year on British Gas business energy can expect personal touches from a ‘team of highly-skilled energy experts’ and total control over their energy usage. Large businesses are also eligible for Energy360, which allows customers to ‘identify consumption trends and drive operational cost savings’ with a tailored energy management platform.

Likewise, Ovo business energy customers can choose from a range of business electricity tariffs. It is a little more difficult to find information about Ovo’s tariffs on the website, which means that prospective customers have to reach out to the company to ask for a quote.

Winner: British Gas business energy wins this round because it provides prospective business customers with transparent information about tariffs.

Which Has the Best Prices for Business Energy? (Winner: Draw)

Business owners have to request a quote online or call 03308183779 to get a better idea about the sort of British Gas business energy prices. Likewise, Ovo business energy customers have to call 03303035063 to receive a quote.

Read through our 20 smart money-saving tips for businesses to reduce their monthly expenses.

Winner: This round is a draw.

Which Has the Best Customer Service for Business Energy? (Winner: Ovo Business Energy)

Gone are the days of blindly entering contracts with big-name suppliers. Now, business energy consumers have more power than ever before. They have review sites like Trustpilot at their fingertips.

Companies can create several Trustpilot accounts for different customers and services. Unfortunately, both these suppliers have a single account for business and home customers. This means that Ovo business energy and British Gas business energy customers leave reviews on the same account as home energy customers. When looking at Trustpilot reviews for these suppliers, business owners should be aware that the reviews might be relevant to their needs.

British Gas has 3.2/5 stars on Trustpilot and an overall rating of average. Ovo has 4.2/5 stars on Trustpilot and an overall rating of great.

Winner: Ovo business energy wins this round because it has a far better Trustpilot rating.

Which Has the Best Green Credentials for Business Energy? (Winner: Ovo business energy)

So, are green tariffs worth it?

British Gas business energy customers who use more than 150,000 kWh of electricity or gas per year can expect a number of eco-friendly benefits. Eligible customers will receive 100% renewable business electricity that is certified by the Carbon Trust. Each kWh is backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Original certificates. Business customers can even secure their supply from local or specific generators.

To improve carbon-neutral goals, customers will get 10% renewable gas sourced from biomethane renewable energy and 90% from VER-certified energy-named carbon offsetting projects around the world. They will also receive 100% renewable gas.

Ovo business energy customers benefit from Plan Zero, an original programme that aims to fight the climate crisis. Business customers can expect a number of green benefits including 100% renewable electricity tariffs and trees planted every year.

Winner: Ovo business energy wins this round because British Gas only offers green benefits to customers who consume a certain amount of energy.

Which Has the Best Incentives for Business Energy? (Winner: Draw)

Lots of energy suppliers do everything they can to secure new business customers. Business customers spend much more than home energy customers, which means that they often receive large credit incentives.

Unfortunately, neither British Gas nor Ovo Energy offers incentives to new business customers. Instead, both these suppliers rely on their reputations to attract the attention of business owners.

Winner: This round is a draw.

Overall Business Energy Winner: Ovo Business Energy

In this case, the Big Six suppliers have lived up to their reputations. Business owners will receive excellent energy services from either of these suppliers.

We recommend Ovo business energy to customers who want excellent customer service and green credentials. This does not mean that British Gas business energy is without its benefits. Larger business owners can still receive brilliant environmentally-friendly benefits from this supplier.

So, why switch business energy with Love Energy Savings?

Compare Energy Suppliers

With our comparison generator, it has never been easier to survey the market in seconds.

At Love Energy Savings, we help home and business energy consumers all over the UK find the best deal. The best deal might not necessarily come from the biggest name, which is why it is important to shop around. Our experts have loaded our comparison generators full of the best suppliers and deals on the market.

Our home energy comparison generator helps domestic consumers find the lowest prices, and our business energy comparison generator helps business customers find tailored packages and responsive suppliers. It eliminates the stress of searching the internet for hours and hours. All the information that you need to make an informed decision is in one place.

Do not leave your energy bills to chance. Put your details into our generator to find the best deal - it only takes 60 seconds!

Compare Energy Tariffs

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