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Gas and Electricity Suppliers for Small Businesses

Shaun Starr |

June 2021

Small Business

For many small businesses, especially those just starting out, energy bills can make up a significant proportion of business costs.

Whether you run a small shop or workshop, or even work from home, finding ways to reduce the gas and electricity your business consumes can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Nevertheless, as well as being energy efficient, ensuring you are on the cheapest energy deal available for your business can dramatically curb your energy expenses.

We know the pressure on small business owners and we are here to help by allowing you to instantly compare energy tariffs from dozens of the UK’s energy suppliers.

Why not join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already switched their business energy with Love Energy Savings today.

Reduce your small business energy bills

Reducing your small business’ energy bills doesn’t have to mean reducing the quality of the service you offer to your customers.

It is also critical to ensure that you are on the most appropriate electricity and gas tariff for your business. If your business is mainly operating during the night for example, you can choose a tariff which offers cheaper off-peak prices, but our knowledgeable advisors can guide you.

Our simple form allows you to instantly compare energy tariffs of dozens of UK energy supplier and see what you would save on your energy bills.

Be aware that some energy suppliers charge an exit fee for leaving some contracts early, but even with this cost you may still be looking at considerable savings.

Love Energy Savings can guide you through the whole process and negotiate with your supplier on your behalf to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Why choose Love Energy Savings for your retail energy switch?

We handle all negotiations with suppliers

Once you have agreed which supplier you would like to switch to, we take it from there.

We’ve completed over 250,000 switches

We have been trusted by thousands of businesses to switch their business energy

We offer free advice

Our energy advisors are experts on saving you money and are on hand to answer any questions.

You can track your switch online

Our easy to use ‘Track My Switch’ tool allows you to stay up to date with the progress of your switch online

Small business energy saving tips

For small businesses, it is critical to make sure they run as efficiently as possible. Even small savings per month can generate a lot of extra cash throughout the year.

Once you have used Love Energy Savings to navigate the tricky energy market and got a great deal for your business, it’s worth considering the energy you use and how your business can become more energy efficient – guaranteeing to save you even more money.

Energy efficient lighting

Whether you run a hairdresser, café, workshop or any other type of business, you’re likely to use between 5% and 20% of your annual energy consumption on lighting.

You don’t need to spend any money to consider when your lights are on. If you operate during the day but leave your lights on overnight, you are paying for electricity unnecessarily. Get into the habit of switching off lights when you are not using them, and while you are thinking about it unplug electronic devices when not in use as they also use a lot of power.

Perhaps the best way to ensure you save money on your annual electricity bills is to invest in LED lighting. Although they have a reputation as being expensive, they are now about as cheap as 60 watt alternatives.

LEDs are reliable, available in a range of sizes and styles and critically – are very reliable and long-lasting, as much as 25 times longer lasting than standard halogen bulbs.

Manage your tools, don’t let them manage you.

We are all increasingly reliant on our phones, computers and other electronic devices. For many businesses, it can be difficult to keep track of the energy consumption of these devices.

It is really worth considering the devices that you use, as well as the tools or machinery you may operate, and take steps to manage your consumption to reduce your energy bills.

When you buy new devices and tools, consider the energy efficiency when you are deciding what to buy, tools that have a higher energy efficiency rating will save you money over the course of their use.

The critical component is to make sure that devices are turned off when not in use, and in the case of electronic chargers or equipment are unplugged. As well as saving you money, this also decreases the risks of fire.

Switch small business utilities hassle-free with Love Energy Savings

We are on a mission to make sure no small business in the UK is overpaying for the utilities they use.

Business Electricity

Sick of paying over the odds for your electricity and lighting? Don’t waste any more time. Compare business electricity with Love Energy Savings today.

Business Gas

Reduce your small business heating costs by checking you are on the cheapest gas tariff for your business in as little as 60 seconds.

Business Water

Many people don’t realise that you can switch business water provider. Make sure you keep your water costs down and check our comparison page.

Compare Energy Prices

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Small Business Sector FAQs

  • How long does it take to switch business energy suppliers?

    Be aware that your business energy switch will take a little longer than the domestic energy switching process.

    The average business energy switch will take around 4-6 weeks.

  • Can I get a cheaper deal for my business than a domestic energy contract?

    Yes, almost certainly. Unlike domestic energy contracts, business energy tariffs are usually calculated for your specific business needs and give your business greater flexibility and cheaper options.

  • Can I compare energy suppliers for more than one location?

    If your small business has more than one location, you may be able to consolidate your bills with a multi-location energy deal.

    This means your meters can be consolidated into one account, making it easier to keep track of your energy costs and usage.

    Our experienced advisors can advise you on what your options are based on your circumstances and help you find the best deal for your business.

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About the author

Shaun is an English Literature graduate with a passion for creating content to help save households and businesses money. He has a wealth of experience in professional services, so he knows the importance of business efficiency.

In his spare time, Shaun likes to get jamming with his band playing drums and guitar.

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