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Bulb was founded by two friends, Hayden and Amit.

Having both worked in the energy industry, the duo saw first-hand that the customer service at some of the biggest companies could be improved. Between poor service and overly complicated tariffs, the two friends felt that there was a gap in the market for an energy company that keeps value for money in mind and customer satisfaction at heart.

As a result, Bulb was born.

Bulb’s energy tariffs

Hayden and Amit have brought energy back to basics, offering straightforward tariffs with transparent benefits for the customer. It’s also a particular point of pride that Bulb offer one single tariff for electricity and gas. That one tariff happens to be one of the cheapest on the market.

Having seen far too many people enter into unfair contracts with big-name energy companies, Hayden and Amit founded Bulb upon a philosophy of simplicity and fairness. With Bulb, you’ll be offered competitive rates and if you're not happy, there is no exit fee to leave.

Why choose Bulb as your energy supplier?

Using cutting-edge tech and working only with likeminded companies, Bulb keeps costs at a minimum while passing the savings on to you.

They’ve also earned a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service. They offer fair tariffs that work for the customer, rather than binding them into complex deals.

The common experience with some energy companies is, largely, a faceless one. The little contact you do have is through paperwork. At Bulb, things are done a little differently. With personable customer service techniques and a wholeheartedly honest approach, Hayden and Amit have built a company with customer satisfaction at the forefront of its vision.

Being part of the Bulb community

Another thing that sets Bulb apart is the real sense of community they encourage. When Bulb becomes your energy service provider, you’re not simply subjected to billed letters and the occasional email newsletter; you are part of an ongoing dialogue between customers and the company itself.

Their online community consists of FAQs and forums, and it’s a real platform for the customer to be heard. If any issues arise, you can simply check their community page for a solution, or enter into conversation with other customers across the UK.

It’s this type of transparency that drives Hayden and Amit; there is no small print, no catch and it’s not a case of being too good to be true.

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