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Crown Gas & Power are a subsidiary of Crown Oil Ltd -who deal with commercial gas as well as construction. We are delighted to have this energy supplier on our panel of business energy providers due to their commitment to customer service as well as their prices.

Based in the north-west of England, this energy provider takes its commitment to its customers as seriously as it does its stakeholders’. As such, they ensure that every customer is satisfied at all times and that their commercial gas and electricity prices are as low as possible.

Flexible Approach to Business Energy

They also prides themselves on being able to offer a solution to any problem a customer may have. This means taking a flexible approach that customers may not be used to if they have previously purchased their business energy from one of the more established brands.

Crown Gas & Power consider their customers to be the very foundation of their business. The relationship they have with the businesses they supply is all about respect and mutual benefit, developing lasting relationships by innovating to meet changing customer needs.

Providing a first-class service is a key objective for Crown Gas & Power, they pride themselves on training their staff to the highesest quality, ensuring they can provide a seamless service.

Their UK-based contact centres make sure any query is answered in plain english and their invoices will always be equally clear, based on actual meter readings wherever possible. 

Fairness is at the heart of what Crown Gas & Power do and at Love Energy Savings we can't help but agree that this should always be a top priority for business energy providers. 

How Can I Find Out If Crown Are Right for My Business?

There are always many factors that determine the best energy supplier and tariff for any given business. The main ones are location and current supplier but there's also a plethora of other things to take into consideration.

The best way for you to find out if Crown Gas & Power are right for your business energy, is to pop a few simple details into our award-winning, no-obligation comparison engine

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