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Ebico Energy Prices, News & Updates

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Ebico Ltd is a home energy supplier which prides itself in providing a fairer and simpler product for its customers.

As a not for profit organisation, this gas and electricity company has social justice and the ethical use of resources at the heart of its ethos.

They supply gas and electricity throughout Britain and charge customers the same rate, regardless of payment method, usage or whether you take one or both of their services on for your home.

They also don’t have a standing charge, so you know you will only be paying for what you use. Ebico were voted the 3rd best energy supplier in 2013 when it came to customer satisfaction, which really speaks volumes for their commitment to home energy customers.

What are the Ebico Products?

Ebico offer four different home energy products, these being:

EquiGas – This is their home gas offering which involves just one unit price. The means that it is very easy for domestic energy customers to work out exactly what they are paying.  There are also no hidden charges and payments don’t even change depending on method, as is the case with many home energy suppliers.

EquiPower – This product is Ebico’s home electricity package and again, this is simply prices with no standing or hidden charges. Home energy customers are also not charged for not paying via Direct Debit or any other payment methods, everyone pays the same.

Are Ebico Right for My Home Energy Needs?

The only way to find the answer to that question is to perform a free online energy comparison, but these guys should certainly be considered; especially of you are looking for simple and ethically guided energy supplier. We can tell you whether Ebico Ltd provide the best value for money for your home, at the click of a button.

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If you wish to learn more about the best emerging energy suppliers or the industry in general, then the Love Energy Savings News Centre is a great source of information. We also have an awesome selection of Energy Guides, which could help you to make an informed decision regarding your domestic energy and whether Ebico Ltd is the prudent choice for you. 

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