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E.ON is another member of the Big Six energy suppliers in the UK and one of the most popular providers in the country.  The firm is yet another to hail from Germany and they are actually one of the biggest suppliers of home and business energy in the world. E.ON derives from the Greek term aeon which translates to 'eternity'.

E.ON’s operations are spread over a remarkable 30 countries and they serve in excess of 26 million energy customers across the globe. As such they are part of the DAX Stock Index, which is made up if the most significant German companies and they were also included in the most recent list of Global Titans 50. 

In the UK, E.ON took the reins from the now defunct Powergen in 2002 and you may have seen them as the official sponsors of the FA Cup in England from 2006 and 2010. As one of the premier suppliers in the country, you will often see E.ON in the press and also mentioned in the Love Energy Savings News Centre.

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E.ON for Business

E.ON business energy customers can opt for a one or three year business energy contract.

There is a notice period of 60 days and business energy customers can manage their accounts online and receive paperless billing, as well as pay via monthly direct debit.

E.ON is another of the ‘Big Six energy suppliers’ and they are the UK’s second largest electricity supplier. They are the world's largest investor-owned power and gas company, which has its headquarters in Germany.

E·ON currently serves over 500,000 business energy customers and have the objective of making energy cleaner and simpler. With E·ON, customers receive clear, single sheet bills easier to understand tariffs; making electricity and gas easier to manage.

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How Can I Switch My Business Energy to E.ON?

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E.ON for Home Energy

E.ON offer home energy customers contracts on a rolling basis or from 12 to 24 months. Depending on your needs a contract might be better as you more likely to pay the same rate throughout but with a rolling on it might not be the case.

E.ON provide home electricity and gas as well as providing online account management, paperless billing and payment via direct debit. You can also download a handy app for your smartphone which lets you control your home energy account online.

This energy supplier has invested in renewable technologies and own 30% of the London Array project which is a large wind farm based in the Thames Estuary.

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Switching to E.ON Home Energy

Switching to E.ON could save you money on your gas and electricity bills. You'll have to do an energy comparison to find that out - geographical factors play a part, and also the price of gas at the time of your comparison - so E-ON might suit you over a competitor. There is only one way to find out and remember, performing a comparison is no obligation, we simply find you the cheapest home energy provider and tariff!

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