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Fairer Power For All – Brought To You By Ovo

Fairer Power is a brand new venture and represents one of the more novel energy initiatives in the UK. The brand is partnered with OVO, who have been a popular choice for lots of our customers over the years due to the big emphasis they put on customer service.

If you live in the Cheshire East region, then there is a strong chance that this new supplier could be just right for your energy needs.

These claim to be able to save you up to £250 each year on your energy and you can find out exactly how much you can save on your gas and electricity by sticking your details into the box on the right. So, what are Fairer Power’s other features?

-          Fairer Power will never charge you to leave. So, should you decide to switch to this supplier through Love Energy Savings and we then find you a better deal down the line, you will not have to part with any extra cash.

-          If you move your energy to Fairer Power then you can look forward to a 3% interest reward. So, if you happen to end up with credit in your Fairer Power account, you can enjoy some cashback.

Local Council Initiative

Fairer Power has come about as a result of a partnership between Cheshire East Council and OVO Energy, whom you can find out more about by visiting their supplier page right here at Love Energy Savings. OVO regularly win awards within the energy sector for their commitment to customer happiness.

Due to the fact that this is a project maintained by a local council, customers can rest assured that they will be getting competitive and sustainable energy prices. Just put your details into our comparison engine to find out if this supplier is the cheapest option for you in a matter of minutes.

The Fairer Power Energy Plans

Fairerpower Fixed – This plan is as the name suggests, their fixed contract. This is set for a year and customers can leave at any time. Customers get all the benefits of Ovo’s customer service.

Fairerpower Variable – This is the supplier’s variable plan which may be more suitable if you want to chance energy prices decreasing over the next twelve months. You can get impartial advice about this from Love Energy Savings by performing a free, no-obligation comparison through our engine. Customers can also leave for free at any time.

The best supplier for you can depend on a range of things such as your locale, usage and current contract – so why not let our state of the art technology take all the hard work out of the switching process for you?

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