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First Utility is an energy supplier with a fantastic reputation when it comes to domestic energy, regularly finishing top of polls for customer satisfaction.

These guys have a goal of providing gas and electricity for households in a clearer, cleaner and more accurate way.

For these reasons, more than 200,000 customers have moved to this innovative home energy company and this figure is set to rise as they continue to receive plaudits for their work. They were also one of the first big purveyors of smart meters for more accurate electricity bills and started to really drill these home from 2008.

What Do First Utility Customers Get?

First Utility contract terms are generally rolling or around 16 months long, customers have access to online account management, paperless billing as well as payment via direct debit.

They aim to provide cheap energy prices and provide consumers with a more transparent picture of their energy usage.

There are four easy to understand tariffs for home energy customers to consider when moving to First Utility for their gas and electricity. These are:

-          iSave Fixed 2015 (cheapest)

-          iSave Fixed 2016 (offers certainty for a longer period)

-          iSave Fixed 2017 (the longest fixed price)

-          iSave Everyday (completely flexible)

To find out whether any of these home energy tariffs are right for you, all you need to do is complete a free, no-obligation comparison using our tool.  This will take your current supplier and terms as well as where you are in the UK and immediately tell you whether First Utility is the prudent move for your energy needs.

You can always compare energy suppliers with First Utility on our supplier table, but why do that when you can use our state of the art technology instead.

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We could help find you an energy tariff cheaper than your current home energy contract, as the majority of domestic energy customers are already paying too much.

To find out how much you could save, get a comparison now to see if First Utility measure up.

If you'd rather speak to someone you can call or go right ahead and begin the switch process once you've got your ideal utility. The options available to you are:

-          Switch online using the home energy comparison engine.

-          Call us on 0800 988 8375 if you have more questions

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As energy experts and thought leaders, we blog online about the latest topics affecting your home and the gas and electricity market. As well as this, the team has put together an exciting series of Energy Guides for you as well, these all help you to make an informed decision regarding your domestic energy needs.

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