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Good Energy UK sources its energy from renewables such as solar, hydro and wind and have made a fantastic reputations for themselves by doing just that.

They believe the UK can be powered just by renewables and are working to make that a reality, by ensuring 100% of the electricity you use comes from such sources.

There are three reasons why domestic energy customers should consider switching their energy to Good Energy and these are:

-          100% of the energy you receive from Good Energy comes from good old British wind, rain and shine. Whether its sunshine from Cornwall, the Scottish winds or Welsh rain, you can rest assured that your home energy has been ethically sourced when choosing Good Energy.

-          Good Energy were voted top of the Which? customers satisfaction survey for domestic energy suppliers

-          The tariffs available from Good Energy are cheaper than the standard packages offered by the Big Six energy suppliers.

What Else Do Good Energy Offer?

Payments can be made via direct debit and while they don't yet offer full paperless billing you can submit meter readings online to ensure you are billed accurately.

In addition to this, the money you give to Good Energy through your home energy bills is used to fund projects such as solar and wind farms. They are also vehement supporters of the Feed-In Tariff, which in turn is helping to promote renewable energy across the UK.

Although Good Energy still supply your home with electricity from the National Grid like other energy suppliers, they match this all up with power sourced purely from renewables. So, it’s like they are filtering a dirty pond and giving you all the fresh stuff to use as you like around your home and garden. All that, and it could even be cheaper than the dirty power you are currently receiving!

Renewable Gas Tariff

Good Energy UK now offer a Gas+ tariff which helps the people who generate their own renewable gas and heat. They can also help get you set up generating your own energy and have their own 'HomeGen' and 'SmartGen' Feed-in-Tariff service.

Good Energy Mix

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