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iSupply Energy are part of the new group of energy suppliers to have emerged in the last few years and is British based and owned, situated on the south coast in Dorset.

This supplier entered the market in 2012 offering domestic electricity and have since branched out to supply gas, too.

This home energy supplier is a subsidiary of Energy Coop Ltd.

As is the case with many of the newer independent energy suppliers, iSupply are looking to offer more transparency to their energy products in order to offer an alternative to the Big Six. With these companies being heavily criticised for mis-selling and bad customer service, the onus is very much on these new independents to offer a fairer deal. 

Should I Switch to iSupply Home Energy?

If you are looking for a fixed rate domestic energy tariff then you should certainly consider iSupply Energy. However, they may not be the best choice if green energy is important to you, as they do not have a renewable product as of yet. To find out instantly if iSupply Energy offer a cheaper home energy product for you, simply perform a free, no-obligation comparison with Love Energy Savings.

Like Love Energy Savings, iSupply ensure their tariffs are clearly priced and there are no deceiving special offers or promotions, the name of the game really is low prices and simplicity with this energy supplier.

Self Service Energy 

If you are interested in being able to access an online self-service system, then iSupply Energy may well be of interest. Instead of loading their offices full of call centre staff, these guys have invested in state of the art technology instead, which allows domestic energy customers to better understand their electricity tariff.

You can always take the time to compare the iSupply Energy tariff with all the other home energy suppliers to see if they are the best option for you. But, who wants to spend their time doing that? Why not just stick your postcode and current supplier into our free domestic energy engine and let Love Energy Savings to the hard work for you? That way you can get on with the more important things on life while our energy experts scour the market for cheaper rates.

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