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SSE, formerly known as Scottish and Southern Energy Plc, are an electricity company based as the name may suggest, in Scotland. They operate in the United Kingdom and Ireland and also provide businesses across the country with gas as well as telecoms, storage and even metering facilities.

SSE are part of the 'Big Six' energy suppliers, the others being British Gas, npower, Scottish Power, E.ON and EDF. These suppliers dominate the business and home energy sectors in the UK although they have been coming under increasing pressure from Ofgem and customers over performance and rising prices. 

SSE is the second largest supplier of electricity and natural gas in the UK and the biggest purveyors of renewable energy of all the suppliers. They actively promote the use of renewable energy technologies, providing businesses with energy reduction and energy management solutions.

Below you will find our home energy and business energy profiles for SSE. Often the different offerings have different terms and rates, so have a good read through. Alternatively, just perform a free energy comparison through Love Energy Savings and let us tell you which supplier is ideal for your needs, all it takes is the click of a button!

SSE for Business

These guys have more than 20,000 staff working in their 100 offices around the UK and have won a myriad of awards and titles which put them at the top of the pecking order when it comes to customer care. SSE consider themselves to be thought leaders in the energy industry and we must say, we agree.

Big On Renewables and Customer Service

As anyone who has done an energy comparison and switched suppliers with us before will know, we only use the very best providers in the UK with a view to getting your business cheaper rates for its gas and electricity. SSE for business certainly fits the bill and what’s more, they share our commitment to putting customers first!

They believe, as we do, that every business is different and has it's own distinct requirements ranging from usage to environmental commitments. With this in mind, it's important that a range of tariffs are available to serve a variety of business needs.

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To find out if your business is paying too much for its gas and electricity, and if SSE are the right supplier for you, all you need to do is take advantage of one of our free energy comparisons. We pride ourselves on only taking the minimum required information here at Love Energy Savings and will also take care of the switching process for you, doing all the hard work and leaving you to run your business. Our comparison engine is award-winning and will compare all of our trusted business energy suppliers in a matter of seconds.

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SSE for Home

SSE are a gas and electricity supplier and are one of the 'Big Six' UK energy suppliers. Started in 1948, they now have over 10 million domestic energy accounts and employ over 20,000 people across the UK.

In 2009 SSE was the UK's largest generator from renewable sources and continue to invest heavily in renewable energy sources.

From a home energy perspective, SSE have green projects at the heart of their ethos. As well as offering phone, broadband products and advice on heating and wiring, SSE have a fantastic reputation when it comes to looking after their customers.

Compare SSE home energy contract details with other energy suppliers by using our energy supplier table.

Should I Use SSE for My Home Energy?

SSE's home energy contracts are offered on a rolling basis, or anywhere up to 24 months. Customers benefit from paperless billing, online account management and payment through direct debit.

Instantly compare SSE with their competitors and see who offers the best price viaq our online electricity and gas price comparison engine.

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