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TotalEnergies Gas & Power Reviews, Prices & Tariffs

TotalEnergies Gas & Power was established back in 1987 as Total Gas & Power when the gas sector was deregulated, has since supplied more than 80,000 organisations across a wide range of sectors and industries. From SMEs to large multinational companies, it takes pride in its support of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

TotalEnergies Gas & Power is one of the leading commercial energy outfits in the UK and make up part of the main Total Group — who you’ll likely recognise from their many petrol stations scattered across the globe. TotalEnergies Gas & Power supplies gas and electricity to business, both from a commercial and industrial perspective.


  • Ownership

    TotalEnergies Gas & Power was created via a merger between Total and a Belgian oil company by the name of Petrofina, resulting in Totalfina. This new business entity then expanded even further with a second merger with French-based oil company, Elf Aquitaine.

    This formed the collective, TotalFinaElf — which was streamlined to simply Total S.A in 2003 — who control and run the energy supplier TotalEnergies Gas & Power.

  • Location

    The headquarters of TotalEneegies Gas & Power is located in Redhill in Surrey, England. Their address is:

    Bridge Gate
    55-77 High Street
    Redhill, Surrey

    If you choose to switch through Love Energy Savings, one of our representatives will contact the TotalEnergies Gas & Power team on your behalf, saving you the hassle of back and forth communications. That way, you get the energy tariff you want with minimal fuss.

  • TotalEnergies Gas & Power Prices and Tariffs


    Gas Standard Variable Tariff rates

    Gas Standard Variable Tariff is 5 pence per kWh plus a daily charge rate of £1.15.

    Electricity Standard Tariff rates

    MPAN Area Day per kWh Night per kWh Single per kWh
    10 Eastern 19.08 15.18 17.60
    11 East Midlands 19.27 15.31 17.77
    17 Scottish Hydro 20.73 16.15 19.00
    12 London 19.80 15.81 18.28
    13 Merseyside and North West 22.77 17.59 20.80
    14 Midlands 19.95 15.74 18.35
    15 Northern 20.34 15.98 18.68
    16 North Western 20.09 15.83 18.47
    19 South East 19.30 15.37 17.81
    20 Southern 19.30 15.29 17.78
    18 Scottish Power 19.92 15.71 18.32
    21 South Wales 20.17 15.84 18.52
    22 South Western 19.95 15.68 18.33
    23 Yorkshire 20.20 15.90 18.57


    TotalEnergies Gas & Power offer business gas and electricity to everyone from small startups to large corporations. They help businesses choose a tariff that suits their situation and offer discounts for customers that pay by direct debit.

    Total Gas & Power’s available tariffs are as follows:

    • Smartfix — Fixed-price gas or electricity for between 1-4 years. Peace of mind with no unwelcome bill surprises. Allows you to synchronise your gas and electricity contracts. 
    • Fix for Five — Fixed-price gas and electricity for 5 years. Consistent bills let you plan your finances in advance. Allows you to synchronise your gas and electricity contracts. 
    • Eco-Energy — 100% renewable energy for gas and electricity at a fixed rate between 1-5 years. Peace of mind with no unwelcome bill surprises. Showcase your green credentials to your customers with an Eco-Energy certificate.
  • Supply Source

    Electricity supplied by TotalEnergies Gas & Power has been sourced from a number of different fuels. The majority of energy supplied between April 2018 and March 2019 was renewable energy (43%), significantly higher than the UK average of 33%.

    • Renewable — 43%
    • Natural Gas — 38%
    • Nuclear — 11%
    • Coal — 6%
    • Other — 2%

    You can learn more about the typical fuel mix you can expect from UK suppliers in our wholesale energy guide.

  • Financial performance

    TotalEnergies Gas & Power most recently filed interim accounts in July 2019, detailing the 12 months up until December 2018.

    Metric 2018
    Net trading gain/(loss) (£1.5bn)
    Profit/(loss) before tax (£276.5m)
    Profit/(loss) for the year (£223.5m)

    For full details of TotalEnergies Gas & Power’s financials, see their latest accounts here.

  • Cancellation Policy

    TotalEnergies Gas & Power customers who wish to cancel their tariff will need to wait until their contract has expired. There is a minimum notification period of 90 days prior to your contract end date for gas customers or a 30-day period for electricity customers if you want to switch.

  • Green Performance

    TotalEnergies Gas & Power have an excellent green energy performance, with 43% of their fuel mix coming from 100% renewable sources. Customers can choose a fixed-rate plan that is powered solely from renewables with the Eco-Energy tariff, or Smartfix tariff customers can also choose to have their gas and electricity sourced form green energy.

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Understanding your TotalEnergies Gas & Power Bill

Your online or paper bill from TotalEnergies Gas & Power will tell you:

  1. Your unique customer account number
  2. Your name and billing address
  3. The billing period of the invoice
  4. Service account number and invoice number
  5. Supply address
  6. Breakdown of charges being applied for the period and how they’ve been calculated
  7. The number of invoices that are being totalled on your account balance
  8. Total including any outstanding balance from previous bills

You can click here to see an example of a TotalEnergies Gas & Power business bill, along with a full explanation of each section here.

How to switch to TotalEnergies Gas & Power

Love Energy Savings can handle switching your contract with TotalEnergies Gas & Power whether that's from another supplier or from an old Avro tariff. We’ll get everything sorted for you by liaising with the TotalEnergies Gas & Power team on your behalf.

Enter your details here to generate a quote for your home and then simply choose the tariff that's right for you.

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