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Compare Business Broadband Deals

We’ve made business broadband comparison simple. Find a range of reliable business broadband deals to accelerate you to the next level. Whatever you’re looking for, we work with you to find the best-suited packages to meet your requirements.

Compare Business Broadband Packages

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Easy & Fast Broadband Switch 

Overwhelmed by the business broadband options available? Most people are as it can become a real challenge to select the right package for you. Some other providers may try to sell you the most expensive package, or even just any broadband service, but will this fit the requirements of your business? Not many businesses would like to get tied into a contract that isn't right for them. 

That's why we've built an engine to help you identify business needs and our experts will guide you to exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. 

Whether you’re experiencing slow internet speeds, poor customer service or looking for a cheaper deal; we’re here to help you switch business broadband providers. If you have not switched your business broadband for a couple of years, you are also likely missing out on a better deal.

We have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading business broadband and telecom providers to deliver great speeds, unlimited downloads and unrivalled business support. As a partner, we can offer exclusive deals on a variety of business broadband and phone deals at a great monthly cost. 

What Type Of Business Broadband Is The Right Fit? 

We could bore you with all the broadband acronyms like ADSL, FTTC and FTTP in detail but we know you just want reliable broadband that just works. These acronyms simply relate to the type of wire delivering internet connection to your business. Some are faster than others, and some can handle more users. Simple, right? 

We've broken down the different deals, speeds and capabilities below. Click on the dropdown to learn about what that connection type offers to see if that sounds like your business. 

Broadband For Smaller Businesses 


  • ADSL Broadband

    ADSL broadband is a simple and low-priced internet connection perfect for small business operations. This business broadband package offers speeds up to 17Mbps.

    Small businesses without mission-critical applications usually select this deal. This might be suitable for very small retail shops or any business whose main use is to access emails and browse the internet at a low price.

    Other benefits:

    • Unlimited data usage
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Free DDoS security
    • 24/7 UK Customer Support
    • WiFi router and static IP address
  • Superfast 38 (FTTC)

    Superfast 38 offers increased internet speeds for businesses that used cloud-based solutions. Small business users with mission-critical applications usually sign up for this deal with speeds up to 38 Mbps.

    This business broadband connection is typically for small businesses with a small number of users (under 5 employees). Retail stores that use EPOS systems to take card payments, or run any critical applications that would result in a loss of revenue. 


    This business broadband package has an allowance to scale up with new technologies at a relatively low monthly cost.

    Other benefits:

    • Unlimited data usage
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Free DDoS security
    • 24/7 UK Customer Support
    • WiFi router and static IP address
  • Superfast 76 (FTTC)

    Superfast 76 offers greater speeds business broadband speeds for companies using more intensive applications and cloud-based solutions. Growing businesses would benefit from this connection and could manage a small number of users with intense use. 

    With speeds of up to 76 Mbps, your business will be able to implement up-to-date business technology.

    Other benefits:

    • Unlimited data usage
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Free DDoS security
    • 24/7 UK Customer Support
    • WiFi router and static IP address
  • Ultrafast 150 (FTTP)

    Ultrafast is the fastest and most reliable full-fibre broadband connection. This is great for SME businesses that use intensive applications, require unlimited downloads, and have a reliable high-speed connection.

    Other benefits:

    • Unlimited data
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Free DDoS security
    • 24/7 UK Customer Support
    • WiFi router and static IP address

Broadband For Larger Businesses


  • Ultrafast (300) FTTP

    Ultrafast 300 is the fastest internet we offer, and it is great for large companies with hundreds of users.

    With speeds up to 300Mbps, businesses can use cloud hosting facilities and data-heavy applications.

    An FTTP connection means your data will travel straight from the source to your premises, bypassing the exchange. This means the fibre broadband connection is more reliable, speeds remain consistent at all times of the day and has high levels of support to ensure your business is always online.

    Other benefits:

    • Unlimited data
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Free DDoS security
    • 24/7 UK Customer Support
    • WiFi router and static IP address
  • Dedicated Leased Line 

    Dedicated internet access is ideal for businesses that fit into one of the following categories:

    • Internet access is business-critical - any downtime would result in a loss of revenue
    • Many users require 24/7 access
    • Your business requires fast and reliable internet access
  • Compare

    Enter some simple details in our comparison engine to help us understand your business broadband requirements

  • Select your supplier

    Review business broadband deals and select the one that fits your business the best

  • We’ll handle the switch

    We look after the switching process, installation and all the other bits! You’ll be updated every step of the way.

How to Speed Up Your Business Broadband Connection

A slow or interrupted business broadband connection can have a real impact on the way you work. For any business, it’s vital to have a reliable broadband connection which offers the speeds you need.

There are a few steps you can take to improve your business broadband speeds.

Upgrade Your WiFi Router

Upgrading your business broadband package is one thing, but unfortunately, without a decent router, your internet connection will continue to suffer. Wi-Fi routers tend to get forgotten about, but in fact, these can affect your internet speed, too.

Keep Bandwidth Per Device Limited

Assigned bandwidth is where your business broadband bandwidth is shared equally between each of your devices. Distributing the bandwidth between multiple devices helps ensure that no single device is dominating the speed. This may fix any speed issues you're experiencing with your broadband and phone within the business.

Get A Wi-Fi Survey

If you haven’t already, then now would be a great time to have a full Wi-Fi survey completed. Wi-Fi surveys are great for increasing business broadband speeds and will establish the best possible placement for wireless access points and routers. Whilst you may never have thought about the location of your router, it can have a huge impact on business broadband speeds.

Switch Business Broadband

Businesses grow and requirements change. It may be a simple case of your company having outgrown your current deal.

There are lots of great business broadband package offers to choose from and providers are always launching fresh deals to entice business customers. So, why not take advantage of this competitive market by switching to the best business broadband provider? Your new super-fast broadband and phone deal awaits!

Ready to compare business broadband packages? You can compare broadband deals here.

Before You Switch Business Broadband

What will your business look like in 12 months, 2 years and beyond? Securing a better connection today can help you reduce any work further down the line, allowing you to grow into a larger business with more complex needs. 

For example, a business using VoIP and cloud-based software will require a much more powerful package than a business with more basic needs. 

You should keep in mind that bandwidth requirements have increased for many of us with the introduction of more collaborative business applications such as Zoom and Teams. It’s important to consider what you will need both now and in the future.

You will also want to check your current contract. Most business broadband contracts are for 24 months, but this can vary. Once you have reached your renewal window and the minimum term has been passed, you will be free to switch to another provider.

Lady on the phone whilst working in a cafe

Business Broadband FAQs

  • What is the difference between FFTC & FTTP?

    FTTP is the type of connection you get with full-fibre broadband. This is a direct connection from the exchange to your business premises.

    FTTC is only part-fibre broadband. It uses fibre optic cables to the main exchange but uses older copper wires to connect to your business premises.

    A leased line will bypass the exchange entirely, and you will have a full-fibre cable directly into your business premises from the provider.

  • Do I Need Fibre Broadband For VoIP?

    VoIP works through your broadband connection. This means a high-speed fibre connection is required.

    The minimum VoIP internet speed requirement is 90-100 kbps (kilobit per second) per phone. This must be multiplied by each further handset you wish to use at the same time.

    You can check your existing service provider’s speed using the Broadband Speed Checker. 

    These offer a reasonable estimation of your broadband speed. Not all broadband providers include unlimited data and superfast speeds, so make sure that the broadband deal meets your requirements before signing up.

  • How Can I Cancel My Broadband Contract?

    If you have recently selected a new deal but you have come across a better deal, you can cancel within the first 14 days. This is called a cooling-off period. You will not be charged a termination fee.

    Broadband contracts are usually 12, 18 or 24 months. If you’re tied into a contract you will be liable to pay early termination fees. Many providers will charge a monthly fee for cancelling your broadband contract early. For example, if your monthly termination fee is £10 and you have 6-months remaining on your contract, your full termination fee will be £60.

  • What is a Good Broadband Speed?

    This question largely depends on your business size and needs. Fibre broadband is much faster and more reliable than a standard connection. It is especially useful for businesses with heavy internet usage. A fibre optic cable is used and can handle much higher volumes of data. Standard broadband is quite limited and speed slows down over greater distances.

    Fibre broadband is not yet available in all areas of the UK. However, 94% of homes and businesses can access fibre connections.

    Here are some estimates of the speeds you may need for comfortable usage.

    Broadband Usage

    Download Speeds (Mbps)

    Basic browsing (browsing, emails)

    11 Mbps

    Large File Downloading

    25 Mbps

    Video streaming, regular file sharing

    75 Mbps

    Cloud computing, data backups

    150 Mbps +

  • What is the Difference Between Upload and Download Speeds?

    Download speed enables you to receive data from the internet. Upload speed allows data to be sent from your devices to the internet. The quicker the speeds, the faster data can transfer using your internet connection.

    Download speed is much more important than upload speed. When browsing broadband deals, download speed is advertised more prominently.

    The importance of broadband speeds depends on how you’re using your broadband. If you have a lot of people using the internet at once, or you spend a lot of time streaming and gaming, speed is important.

    Internet speed can be measured using Broadband Speed Checker. You should take note of both your download and upload speeds.

  • Will I have any download limits?

    Download limits are a vital consideration when choosing a business broadband deal. Hitting a download limit can have a real impact on your business and restrict the ability of your staff to do their job.

    All of the broadband products offered by Love Energy Savings come with unlimited downloads and data usage.

  • Will the PSTN Switch Off affect my business broadband?

    The 2025 PSTN switch off will only affect those businesses using PSTN or ISDN services. 

    Businesses using fibre based broadband services or leased lines will see no change in the services. To avoid disruption, it is advised that all businesses switch to a fibre broadband or leased line connection before the PSTN stop sell date of December 2023.

  • Is Fibre Broadband for Businesses Worth It?

    This largely depends on what your business does. There are lots of business broadband deals to choose from but finding the right one can be challenging. 

    Superfast business broadband is essential in a modern business space. You may want to invest in fibre if your company does any of the following:

    • Multiple employees are online at once
    • You need to instantly sync cloud data
    • If you need video conferencing features and video calling
    • You’re hosting any kind of web service
    • If you need unlimited downloads for any type of file sharing
    • If you would like to access your business files remotely
    • You need a static IP address.