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Business Phone Systems & Lines

Reliable business lines are essential to delivering great customer service and generating revenue for your business. We have a variety of business phone system packages available so that you never miss a call from your customers. 

With an award-winning customer service team and exclusive deals, we’re here to deliver great service so that you can do the same for your customers.

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Business Phone Systems - Solutions for All Sizes 

Finding the right business line can have a huge impact on the quality and cost of your communications. With the PTSN switch-off fast approaching, all businesses in the UK will need to assess their business phone systems as many of them will stop functioning. 

That’s where VoIP business phone systems bring in the future of communication. With tailored solutions, we can offer great value, reliable service and customer support.

What Do Good Business Phone Systems Offer? 

You just need a phone line that connects you from A to B, right? You could actually be missing out on a whole host of additional features that come with a modern business phone system that could set you apart from your competitors. 

We’ve partnered with one of the UK’s leading communication specialists to deliver exclusive packages to Love customers at great prices. With many added value features included as standard, you can get ahead of the last-minute PSTN switch-off rush. Some additional features include call divert, call waiting, call blocking and much more. Ultimately, this service allows your business to easily manage call traffic.

Our Products

  • ISDN line

    Known as Integrated Services Digital Networks, ISDN lines are known for reliable and crystal-clear calls. With digital capabilities, these lines allow your team to perform multiple tasks at the same time with easy scalability and flexibility. 

    Benefits of ISDN

    • Free installation*
    • High-performance digital transmission
    • Transmits both voice and data for higher productivity
    • Businesses can easily add additional connections at low costs
    • Call re-route disaster recovery in case the unexpected happens

    Why is an ISDN line better than a traditional line?

    ISDN lines offer unlimited internal calls and a more reliable connection during external calls. It’s also much easier to install new lines as a business grows.

  • SIP Trunking

    SIP solutions offer a bridge between traditional phone systems and a fully hosted solution. This is very much an introduction to operating in the cloud. SIP is a low-cost alternative to ISDN.

    Your business can still experience the benefits offered by an ISDN line without removing your old telephone equipment.

    Benefits of SIP Trunking

    • Minimal disruption to your business (no new equipment to be installed)
    • Access to call diverts using our web portal tool
    • Cheaper than ISDN connections
    • Free calls ‘internet calling’
    • No geographical restrictions

What is the difference between SIP Trunking and ISDN?

SIP Trunking is a newer technology allowing voice and data to be carried on the same channel. SIP Trunks deliver voice and data through a single line via the internet. ISDN uses a traditional copper network.

If you’re unsure about which business calls and line options are right for your business, our team are more than happy to advise the best solution for your business with no bias

Lines & Calls FAQs

  • What are the installation costs?

    Costs vary depending on the solution you choose. ISDN installation is free on 36-month contracts. To discuss installation costs, give us a call and we will talk you through the charges.

  • Is an ISDN line better than a traditional phone line?

    ISDN offer unlimited internal calls and you can easily add additional lines quickly as your business grows.

  • What if the solutions do not match my businesses requirements?

    Some larger business will require more tailored solutions. Our team can custom build a business phones and lines package for your business.