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Flexible Leased Lines & Calls For Businesses 

Our leased lines keep you connected – no matter the size of your business.

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Leased Lines & Calls to suit your business

Lines and calls mean much more than simple phone calls. Having the right connection is vital for your business communication. Whether you run a small company or a bandwidth-hungry office, our business leased lines options can provide the support you need.

How It Works (3 Step Process)

  1. Complete our quick quote form to help us understand what you need from your calls and lines.
  2. Our experts will be in touch to provide a range of deals to suit the exact requirements of your business.
  3. Your account manager will get you set up and keep you up to date every step of the way.

Our Products

  • PSTN Lines

    Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is often used in households and small businesses. If your business requires a standard single-line solution, this could be an ideal option for you. If your organisation requires more lines, you will need to order a multiline service.

  • Multiline

    A multiline is a group of lines with one telephone number (your business landline number). The number of lines available will only be limited by the capacity of your local exchange. This makes a multiline a great option for businesses that require several lines at affordable prices.

  • ISDN 2

    ISDN is a digital voice standard offering crystal clear calls as well as internet access and SEP trunking for moving to cloud hosted systems. ISDN 2 is ideal for smaller businesses requiring up to 8 telephone lines.

  • ISDN 30

    ISDN 30 is suitable for larger businesses who require 8 or more telephone lines. Your business will still benefit from the same crystal-clear calls, internet access and SEP trunking.

The Benefits of Business Leased Lines

A business leased line offers your premises a dedicated business broadband connection. With leased lines, there’s no need to share a broadband line with your neighbours as you would at home. Your business can rent a single line on its own.

The most obvious benefit of this is speed. With a shared line, your broadband speeds can fluctuate due to others eating up bandwidth. A leased line allows you to avoid this problem. The line is yours, and yours only. This means you can benefit from steadier speeds and more security.

At Love Energy Savings, we’ve teamed up with Daisy Communications. Daisy is one of the UK’s largest independent business telecom providers of voice, connectivity, phone system, and cloud services. Our team of comparison experts work with Daisy to offer you great savings and leading customer support.

Lines & Calls FAQs

  • Does my business need a leased line?

    Whether your business requires a leased line will depend on the size of your business and the tasks you carry out. If high-speed broadband is vital to the running of our business, a leased line could be a great investment.

    Large businesses which require guaranteed reliable internet around the clock are most likely to benefit from a leased line.

  • What tasks can leased lines help with?

    Leased lines are ideal for businesses which regularly carry out tasks including uploading data, making video calls, website hosting, using a VPN, or allowing remote users to access your office’s servers.

  • What speeds are available on a leased line connection?

    Speeds on a leased line can be available from 10Mb right up to 10GB (10,000M). These speeds are also symmetrical which means your download and upload speeds will be the same.

  • Does my business need a landline?

    There are options available to businesses for calls to be made using broadband instead of a traditional line.

    VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) allows businesses to power calls via the internet rather than a landline. If you’re interested in switching to a powerful IP phone system, take a look at our VoIP phone system options.

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