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Flying the Flag for Greener Business: Love Energy Savings Awards 2016

Winners revealed for the 2016 Love Energy Savings Awards!

Love -energy -award -buttonFollowing the resounding success of the inaugural Love Energy Savings Awards last year, we are delighted to announce the 2016 winners!

Through the Awards, we want to celebrate businesses across the country who are going above and beyond to protect the environment and join the fight against climate change.

To cover all bases, we introduced four separate categories, each with one winner who has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly.

SME Saver

Entry criteria - Businesses with fewer than 250 employees who are making an effort to improve energy efficiency.

2016 winner - Élan Hair Design

Over the past few years, Élan Hair Design has garnered a reputation for being possibly the most eco-friendly beauty salon in the country. The premises recently underwent a £250,000 refurbishment to reduce carbon emissions and waste, which includes: 

- Fitting solar panels on the roof

- Composting hair clippings

- Installing an air-source heat pump

- Carbon-neutral furniture

- Diverting 95% of their waste away from landfill

SP Logo

Scottish Power sponsored the SME Saver category and will reward Élan Hair Design with a prize of £500 so the team can celebrate their success.

Super Saver

Entry criteria - Businesses with more than 250 employees or factories/manufacturers who use energy on a large scale.

2016 winner - Bolton Market

The winner of last year’s Innovative Saver Award, Bolton Market hasn’t slowed down its work to become more energy efficient. This year they introduced even more changes, which not only resulted in a huge reduction in energy waste and running costs, but also saw them win this year’s Super Saver Award. Bolton Market has installed energy-efficient LED lighting as well as motion sensors wherever possible. Glass roof panels have been replaced with polycarbonate to reflect heat, as well as additional solar panels being fitted. 

EDF Logo

EDF Energy sponsored the Super Saver category, and will reward Bolton Market with a £600 prize.

Innovative Saver

Entry criteria - Businesses that have shown their creativity in order to become greener, or have introduced a single innovative practice to increase energy efficiency.

2016 winner - Ian Hazel Funerals

Family-run business, Ian Hazel Funerals, now take 70% of their electricity from the 78 solar panels that were recently installed on the roof of their premises. As part of a major overhaul, they fitted rainwater harvesting systems, a mechanical ventilation system which allows for heat recovery, and also installed LED lightbulbs and motion sensors. 

BG Logo

British Gas sponsored the Innovative Saver category, and will award a cash prize of £600 to Ian Hazel Funerals. 

Stars of the Future

Entry criteria - Public and private sector businesses and organisations who are passionate about saving energy, e.g. community groups, universities, schools etc.

2016 winnerUniversity of Reading

To help reduce possibly one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions at the institution, the University of Reading installed a fume cupboard in two of their largest laboratories. The new installations are far more efficient than the previous models, and help reduce waste and heat expenditure. 

NP Logo

npower sponsored the Stars of the Future category and will reward the University with a prize of £500.

Phil Foster, Managing Director at Love Energy Savings, commented on the selection of the winners:

"It was incredibly difficult to narrow down the shortlist of organisations to just four winners, but those who have been selected are receiving a very well-deserved pat on the back for their efforts. We hope that each of those selected continue their journey towards increased energy efficiency, and that they can serve as inspiration for others to follow in their footsteps."