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Castle Water Review: Are They A Good Business Water Retailer?


Castle Water are a UK leading independent business water retailer based in Scotland. Founded in 2014, Castle Water was made with a clear vision: to create ‘an independent water retailer providing excellent water service at the best possible price.’

More than 350,000 business water consumers in the UK rely on Castle Water, and they are proud to offer business owners across the UK tailored water services. SMEs, start-ups, and sole traders can access personalised plans and tariffs from Castle Water. They also claim to promise business owners up to 80% savings on their fixed water charges.

Castle Water Reviews

According to their Trustpilot reviews, Castle Water is an 'Excellent' water retailer, based on over 21,000 reviews. It has thousands of positive reviews from existing customers. Despite amassing such incredible results, Trustpilot themselves have pointed out in the "Company Activity" panel on their review page that Castle Water may use unsupported invitation methods and have detected that Castle Water may be asking for reviews in a way that Trustpilot doesn’t support, which leads to bias and compromises the reliability of given reviews.

9% of their 21,000 reviews (1,914) are 1-star reviews and have a general theme of not dealing with complaints due to billing errors that put their customers out of thousands of pounds, despite how fair Castle says their pricing is.

Castle Water reviews on Google seem to tell a very different story, with an overall score of 1.5 stars out of 5. There are just over 500 reviews on Google, which aren't verified by Google, but they identify and remove fake content when it is noticed.

Another customer review site with Castle Water reviews is, which paints a similar picture to the Google reviews, but again this is only based on just under 200 reviews.

In the summer of 2023, the CCW, an independent organisation that acts as a voice for water consumers in England and Wales, released an article that included Castle Water as one of the top three worst-performing retailers in the UK.

It's worth mentioning that Castle Water boasts that MOSL has them as the retailer that reads the most meters, it's also worth pointing out that MOSL has them as having the second most outgoing switches in 2023 - 21,834 customers opted to choose another water supplier. That's 2 more switches away in 2023 than Castle has Trustpilot reviews to date. Only 2,051 businesses chose to switch to Castle Water in 2023.

If you'd like to know more about Castle Water, please continue reading. 

Castle Water Commercial Water Services

Castle Water delivers water services that are ‘tailor-made for your business - whatever its size.’ It offers a comprehensive range of services including fresh water, wastewater, and trade effluent release. Customers can even access consolidated billing for all of the above services and drainage services.

Trade effluent is an often misunderstood aspect of water services. It is defined as liquids that are produced on non-domestic premises for non-domestic purposes. For example, water that cleans cars at a car wash is classed as trade effluent.

Although most Castle Water business water customers operate SMEs and start-up businesses, multi-site, industrial, or large businesses can also depend on Castle Water. As part of its offering for larger customers, Castle Water has created a dedicated team of regional Commercial Relationship Managers. Business owners who have premises that use more than 6,000m³ of water each year are eligible for this service. It aims to give customers ‘assistance for even the most complex queries.’

Commercial water consumers can also access additional water management services including Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), water efficiency audits, contingency planning, and leak detection and repair.

Castle Water Average Business Water Prices

It is no secret that business owners are always looking for the lowest charges possible. Luckily for business owners, suppliers are very transparent about their charges. Like most of the water suppliers in the UK, Castle Water has an entire page dedicated to water charges. Business owners can scroll down and choose from a range of links.

Commercial water customers who have metered premises will receive measured charges. Premises that do not have meters will receive unmeasured charges, which are calculated using the Rateable Value (RV) of the property.

Curious Castle Water business water customers can also browse through the Scheme of Charges for wholesalers. This is just one of the ways that business owners can survey the market and make sure that they are getting a good deal.

Castle Water FAQs

Who Owns Castle Water?

The CEO of Castle Water is John Reynolds. Appointed as CEO and Director to Castle Water in 2014, Reynolds is also a British investment banker and financial author who wrote "Ethics in Investments Banking" and "Sharing Profits". 

Graham Edwards is also a director of Castle Water and has also been the UK Conservative Party treasurer, since he was appointed in December 2022. In a recent article by the Good Law Project, you can learn about how Mr Edwards and Castle Water conduct business.

Where Is Castle Water's Head Office?

Castle Water's head office is based in Scotland, their registered office can be reached through this address: Castle Water Limited, 1 Boat Brae, Rattray, Blairgowrie, PH10 7BH.

Castle Water is also owned through an offshore holding company based in the British Virgin Islands.

Why Switch Commercial Water Suppliers?

Now that the water market is deregulated, water suppliers have to compete for new customers. Lots of suppliers have implemented a multi-pronged approach to target hot-button topics such as sustainability, community, and customer service.

Here are some of the reasons why business owners switch suppliers.

  • Lower unit rates - This is the most popular reason why business owners switch suppliers. Unit rates can be confusing at the best of times, but one thing is certain: the lower the rate, the lower the bills. Even small tweaks can make a big difference to monthly bills, especially for medium and large businesses.
  • Better customer service ratings - Castle Water business water customers know how important customer services are. Customer services might not seem that important at first glance. When disaster strikes, customer service representatives can make or break day-to-day operations. Knowledgeable, friendly representatives can make all the difference when leaks occur or bills are incorrect.
  • Transparency - In the deregulated market, transparency is key. Business owners have a wide range of options and they want to find relevant information in a few clicks. Unfortunately, lots of water suppliers make vital information difficult to find.
  • Environmental involvement - Commercial water suppliers rely on natural environments. They have to invest in environmental programmes to ensure the longevity of their businesses. By switching to a supplier that cares about sustainability, business owners can spend money on causes that are close to their hearts.
  • Charitable contributions - There are hundreds of water-centric charities that water suppliers can invest in. WaterAid is one of the most popular charities among suppliers. It focuses on improving water hygiene in developing countries. Suppliers can even focus on charities that protect wildlife and support farmers in their regions.

How To Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Business owners can try to switch suppliers themselves, or they can rely on us to streamline the process. We have worked with thousands of business owners across the UK who are anxious about switching.

At Love Energy Savings, we take the stress away from switching. We have helped thousands of commercial water consumers switch to a more suitable supplier. A hassle-free switching process starts with our comparison generator. This generator eliminates the time and stress that comes with researching all the suppliers on the market. Business water consumers do not have to spend hours surveying the market - our comparison generator does all the hard work for them.

Visit our business water page for more information about our switching service.

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