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Severn Trent Water - Business Water Supplier Review

In April 2017, Ofwat deregulated the water market in the UK. Before the market was deregulated, non-domestic water consumers had to accept the charges set out by their regional suppliers. The deregulation of the water market has given business owners more options than ever before.

Now, business water consumers are in an unusual position. For the first time in decades, commercial water suppliers compete with each other to secure as many customers as possible. Small, medium and large businesses can access tailored services, and customers with alternative needs can switch to more understanding suppliers.

Severn Trent Water is just one of the water suppliers that is coming to terms with the newly deregulated market. With a thick catalogue of community and sustainability programmes, it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular choices for non-domestic consumers. But can Severn Trent Water business water customers expect adequate services, competitive prices, and excellent customer service?

Introduction to Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water was founded in 1989. It covers the Bristol Channel to the Humber and from mid-Wales to the East Midlands. Over eight million people in these regions depend on Severn Trent for fresh water and wastewater services. Severn Trent cleans over one billion litres of wastewater each day.

Commercial water consumers will be happy to discover that Severn Trent Water believes in affordable water. It also has an entire page dedicated to saving water. This business water supplier has created tailored tips for gardeners, farmers, households, and businesses. It is keen to make consumers aware of the Great British Rain Paradox and encourages its customers to read about how a changing climate is affecting water use.

Severn Trent Water business water customers are investing in a supplier that cares about its community. Severn Trent Water staff can take part in a volunteering scheme which allows them to make a difference in their communities. They work towards maintaining habitats for wildlife.

This supplier believes that ‘clean water builds healthy communities. As part of its partnership with Water Aid, Severn Trent has supplied over 28 million people with clean water and 28 million people with toilets.

Severn Trent Water Commercial Water Services

Severn Trent Water business water customers can access a range of services. It caters to a wide range of commercial water consumers in the food and drink, manufacturing, public sector, and education industries.

Prospective customers have to click through a lot of links to find the full extent of Severn Trent’s services. As well as fresh water and wastewater services, Severn Trent offers measurement and data collection. Business owners use this service to gain a better understanding of their water usage. It also ensures that they receive exact billing.

Business water consumers that have alternative requirements can also request bespoke solutions for their water and wastewater process requirements. This service is ideal for customers who need tailored support but also want to meet strict environmental standards.

Severn Trent Water’s leak detection and repair service can identify leaks before they become big problems. Even the smallest leak can have a big impact on day to day operations. With Severn Trent’s service, business owners can safeguard their futures.

Water audits can help business owners gain a better understanding of their usage and reduce it accordingly. Read through our water audit article to find out which type of audit best suits your business.

Severn Trent Water Business Water Reviews

Commercial water consumers have more power than ever before. Now that the water market in England, Scotland, and Wales is deregulated, consumers can choose a supplier that better suits their needs. They can also leave realistic reviews for prospective customers. Sites such as Trustpilot give prospective customers an insight into water suppliers.

Severn Trent Water has 2.1/5 stars and an average rating of poor on Trustpilot. 32% of customers think that the services are excellent and an overwhelming 60% of customers think that the services are bad. Excellent reviews mention quick response times, whereas bad reviews talk about overcharging.

Lots of business water suppliers employ a representative to reply to customer reviews on Trustpilot. Severn Trent Water does not. Customers who leave reviews hoping to receive additional support will be disappointed.

Severn Trent Water Average Business Water Prices

Severn Trent Water business water customers should refer to Water Plus. Severn Trent has transferred its business customers to Water Plus. Non-domestic customers in the applicable areas will still be able to secure services from Severn Trent, but they will have to speak to Water Plus. Commercial water consumers can find measured charges and unmeasured charges on the retailer's website.

Severn Trent does still supply some miscellaneous services to non-domestic customers. Business owners can browse through the Wholesale Scheme of Charges for 2022/2023 to find prices for other services.

Why Switch Commercial Water Suppliers?

Business owners might want to switch water suppliers for any number of reasons. Water is an essential yet often overlooked aspect of running a successful company. Customer service, environmental programmes, and low unit rates are just a few of the things that commercial water suppliers can offer consumers.

  • Lower unit rates - In the competitive deregulated market, suppliers are willing to offer low unit rates to secure new customers. Unit rates might not vary much between suppliers, but even the smallest change can make a big difference. A lot of business water consumers switch suppliers to secure lower rates.
  • Excellent customer support - Customer service support can be overlooked until a big problem arises. Transparent, quick, and effective support is invaluable, especially for medium and large businesses. Customer representatives can solve pressing issues like leaks or even suggest cost-effective solutions to common problems.
  • Sustainability programmes - Water suppliers have the power and money to invest in environmental programmes. Lots of suppliers undertake million-pound projects to rejuvenate and protect water environments in their regions. Business owners all over the UK can support causes that are close to their hearts by simply surveying the market and switching suppliers.
  • Community involvement - Severn Trent Water business water consumers can explore a range of community improvement programmes including the supplier’s partnership with Water Aid. The same cannot be said of all water suppliers. Some suppliers fail to address the hot button topics that are impacting millions of people across the world. By investing in a socially responsible water supplier, business owners can support a company that reflects their ethics.

How to Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Switching suppliers does not have to be complicated. The process can seem overwhelming, especially for business owners who want to spend their time focusing on customer acquisition.

At Love Energy Savings, we take the stress away from switching. We have helped thousands of commercial water consumers switch to a more suitable supplier. A hassle-free switching process starts with our comparison generator. This generator eliminates the time and stress that comes with researching all the suppliers on the market. Business water consumers do not have to spend hours surveying the market - our comparison generator does all the hard work for them.

Visit our business water page for more information about our switching service.

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