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Southern Water - Business Water Supplier Review

Southern Water is just one of the commercial water suppliers that are active on the market. Ofwat, the regulatory body that manages the water market in the UK, decided to deregulate the water market in April of 2017. This choice has transformed the water market landscape.

Before deregulation, there were only water suppliers. Business owners could only access water services from the supplier in their region. Now, suppliers can serve any region, and business owners can choose any supplier that serves their region.

With more competition than ever, commercial water consumers often wonder which supplier they should choose. The range of options can feel overwhelming, especially for business owners that have never had to think about their water supply before. Southern Water has millions of customers, but are the customers satisfied? And is there a range of services on offer? How about wholesale charges?

Introduction to Southern Water

Southern Water was first founded in 1989. This commercial water company supplies domestic and non-domestic consumers in the southwest areas of England including Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire. Southern Water supplies over 4.6 million people with fresh water and wastewater services.

This business water supplier ensures water for life, together. Over 2,000 people at Southern Water are working towards a resilient water future. Three main values back the company: succeeding together, doing the right thing, and always improving.

Southern Water business water customers can expect environmentally-friendly practices. This supplier has lots of sustainability branches, including climate change programmes and integrated water cycle management. It also held a Lowland Catchment Workshop to bring together stakeholders and develop a plan to minimise sustainability risks and highlight overlapping interests.

Customers can find detailed information about Southern Water’s carbon footprint, solar power, and flooding practices on the climate change page. This supplier is also unique in that it is taking strides to reduce plastic pollution.

Southern Water Commercial Water Services

Now that the water market is deregulated, the system is organised into wholesalers and retailers. Wholesalers source, purify, and deliver the water through their networks. Retailers buy the water from wholesalers and add a small percentage on top to cover customer-facing activities. Domestic and commercial water consumers buy services from water retailers.

Southern Water caters to both retailers and businesses. Southern Water business water customers can access freshwater, wastewater, and trade effluent services. Customers can read about the range of services on the website.

Trade effluent is a misunderstood yet essential part of business operations. Trade effluent is defined as any liquid that is created at trade premises as part of any trade or industry. Non-domestic consumers have to submit specific forms and receive approval to dispose of trade effluent.

Water audits are often overlooked. Even if a water supplier does not offer water audits as a standard, we encourage business owners to research the benefits. Read our water audit guide to discover whether your business could benefit from this extra service.

Southern Water Business Water Reviews

Reviews from existing customers can highlight positives and negatives about a supplier. Sites like Trustpilot are invaluable for prospective business water customers. They can highlight serious concerns that business owners might want to avoid in the future.

Some companies create multiple Trustpilot accounts. In some cases, companies do this to separate domestic and commercial water consumers. However, in most cases, companies create extra accounts to direct new customers away from poor reviews.

For this overview, we will look at Southern Water’s most reviewed Trustpilot account. This supplier has 1.6/5 stars on Trustpilot and an overall rating of bad. 11% of customers think that the services are excellent, but an overwhelming 84% of customers think that the services are bad. Positive reviews applaud Southern Water’s quick response times, but negative reviews claim that there is ‘zero communication or empathy.’

Southern Water business water customers always receive a response on Trustpilot. A representative from the company replies to both positive and negative reviews. They suggest solutions for customers who are unhappy with their experiences.

Southern Water Average Business Water Prices

It is no surprise that business owners across the UK want to keep their costs down. Without water, businesses would not be able to complete their day to day operations. When business owners receive their water bill, they might consider switching to a different supplier.

Commercial water suppliers are transparent about their charges. In the deregulated market, suppliers are constantly competing for new customers and even new retailers.

Southern Water sells fresh water and wastewater services to water retailers all over the UK. Wholesale business water customers can read about Southern Water’s charges on the website.

Why Switch Commercial Water Suppliers?

Southern Water business water customers might want to switch suppliers for any number of reasons. Unit rates, customer service, and sustainability are just a few of the factors that go into this decision.

  • Unit rates - Unit rates might not vary much from supplier to supplier, but even the smallest change can make a massive difference to monthly bills. In this competitive market, lots of water suppliers are willing to offer low rates to new customers.
  • Customer service - Poor customer service can make a big difference in day to day operations. Any number of problems can arise. Leaks, billing errors, and regulations can throw a spanner in the works. The good news is that lots of suppliers invest in their customer service procedures. With a simple switch, business owners can access quick response times and friendly representatives.
  • Sustainability - With global warming causing concerns across the board, sustainability programmes have never been more important. Commercial water suppliers can support sustainability in any number of ways. Business owners can make sure that their money goes towards a worthy cause by choosing a supplier that cares about sustainability.
  • Community - Community engagement is becoming more and more important. Business owners all over the UK now have the power to secure contracts with water suppliers that reflect their ethos. Suppliers that care about community engagement might reach out to local farmers or go into schools and educate children about the environment and the future of our water.

How to Switch Business Water Suppliers?

The water market was only recently deregulated. Many busy business owners have not had the time or opportunity to even consider switching suppliers. At Love Energy Savings, we exist to make the switching process as simple as possible. Commercial water customers from all over the UK benefit from our seamless service. We take the stress away from switching.

Our experts have created a comprehensive business water quote engine for business owners who want to consider all of their options.

Visit our business water page to read about the full switching process.

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