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United Utilities - Business Water Supplier Review

Choosing a commercial water supplier can be daunting at the best of times. Ofwat deregulated the water market in April of 2017, and this change encouraged a lot of competition between suppliers.

United Utilities business water is just one of the choices available on the market. But does this supplier live up to its reputation? Keep reading to discover more about United Utilities sustainability programmes, customer service practices, and unit rates.

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Introduction to United Utilities

United Utilities was founded in 1995 and has over 7 million customers. It services domestic and commercial water customers in the North West including Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, most of Cheshire and a small part of Derbyshire.

This business water supplier provides fresh water and wastewater services. The brains behind United Utilities want to deliver their services in an ‘environmentally-sustainable, economically beneficial and socially responsible manner.’ They have a three-pronged approach: the best service to customers at the lowest sustainable cost and in a responsible manner.

United Utilities business water customers can go to Discover Water to check the company’s progress. Discover Water is a concise, comprehensive dashboard that provides consumers with information about water companies in England and Wales. Customers can also read about United Utilities’ drinking water and customer satisfaction.

United Utilities Commercial Water Services

This supplier offers a wide range of business services. United Utilities caters to business, charity, and public sector organisations. It provides fresh water and wastewater services to millions of non-domestic consumers in England.

Business owners can dispose of their tankered industrial waste with United Utilities. It has an Industrial Waste License which allows it to safely dispose of liquids that cannot travel through sewer networks. Businesses can release all sorts of industry and trade liquids to United Utilities including landfill leachates, strong organic waste, and hazardous waste. This service is only available to United Utilities business water customers in Carlisle, Barrow, Blackburn, Davyhulme, and Ellesmere Port.

Commercial water consumers across the North West can also access trade effluent services from this supplier. Trade effluent is defined as a liquid that is produced on non-domestic premises that is not a product of domestic processes such as food and drink, using toilets, or washing. Business owners have to apply for express permission to release trade effluent into any sewer systems.

United Utilities Business Water Reviews

When it comes to finding a new supplier, it is important to consider reviews from existing customers. Sites such as Trustpilot give existing customers a platform to share their views. United Utilities business water and domestic water consumers leave reviews on the same Trustpilot account. Because of this, business owners might read reviews that do not apply to them.

United Utilities has 3.6/5 stars on Trustpilot and an overall score of average. Over 500 customers have left a review on this Trustpilot account. Customers can leave a review under excellent, great, average, poor, and bad. 44% of customers think that the service is excellent.

Positive reviewers claim that United Utilities is the ‘most helpful and straightforward utilities company’ that they have ever dealt with. Over 50% of customers think that the services are bad. Negative reviewers claim that the company is ‘full of liars’ and that the company would be better served if it employed ‘people with empathy.’

All the commercial water customers that have left a review on Trustpilot receive a response from a representative. Customer representatives reply to reviews and suggest further steps for customers who have unresolved issues.

United Utilities Average Business Water Prices

United Utilities business water customers can find detailed information about water charges on the website. Like a lot of water supplies, United Utilities keeps a transparent log of its current and previous charges.

Commercial water suppliers charge different rates for business owners who have meters installed and those who do not. Premises that have meters will receive measured water charges, whereas premises that do not have meters will receive unmeasured water charges.

Non-domestic consumers who are on measured charges have a standard volumetric charge of £1.674 per cubic metre (m3) plus a standing charge that differentiates based on the size of the pipes in the property. Commercial water consumers who are on unmeasured charges will receive a standing charge of £52.99 and a charge per £CV of £0.510.

United Utilities has introduced a concessionary scheme for community groups. When site area charging was introduced, lots of community groups experienced significant increases in their bills. The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 was introduced to help community groups with these costs.

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Why Switch Commercial Water Suppliers?

So, why might business owners want to switch suppliers?

  • Eco-friendly ethos - Environmental concerns are more pressing than ever before. With global warming being a regular topic in mass media, it is no wonder that more and more business owners are looking for suppliers that care about the environment.
  • Competitive unit rates - It is no surprise that commercial water customers want to secure the cheapest rates possible. Now that the water market is deregulated, there is a lot of competition between suppliers. Suppliers only have to adhere to the charges guidelines set.
  • Sustainability programmes - Water suppliers are responsible for sourcing, supplying, and maintaining reservoirs, lakes, and rivers all over the UK. To ensure that suppliers have a water source for years to come, they must invest in sustainability programmes. Lots of business water suppliers are taking strides to protect the environments that they draw upon.
  • Better customer service - United Utilities business water consumers understand the importance of customer service. United Utilities has one of the best Trustpilot ratings of all the suppliers that we have surveyed. When leaks spring and bills turn up out of the blue, customer service representatives will be the people who solve the problem. Lots of business owners switch supplies for more transparent, reliable customer service support.

How to Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Since the deregulation of the water market in 2017, business owners have been able to switch suppliers. Small, medium and large businesses in the UK are eligible to switch. A lot of business owners do not have the time to start the switching process. There are a lot of moving parts to consider, which can make the entire process seem daunting.

At Love Energy Savings, we take the stress away from switching. We have helped thousands of commercial water consumers switch to a more suitable supplier. A hassle-free switching process starts with our comparison generator. This generator eliminates the time and stress that comes with researching all the suppliers on the market. Business water consumers do not have to spend hours surveying the market - our comparison generator does all the hard work for them.

Simply put your details into our comparison generator, click ‘compare now’, and wait for 60 seconds. Within a minute, a long list of suitable suppliers will pop up. Let us know which supplier you want to secure a contract with, and we will handle the rest.

Visit our business water page for more information about our switching service.

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