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What is an Energy Monitor?

There is a lot of confusion about energy monitors, they are not the same as smart meters.

It’s an easy to fit device that measures your energy consumption and usage habits. It works with your electricity meter to give you an approximation of your energy consumption throughout the day. They DO NOT speak to your energy supplier and will not affect your bill. Though they are more common in homes, they will also work just as well in businesses.

What do they do?

If you’re looking to reduce your energy consumption then it may be a good purchase. Monitors will help you identify devices and activities that use large amounts of electricity so you can change habits to save money.

It won’t save you money directly, but will give you an indication of how you can change your behaviour to save money.

Do I need one if I have a Smart Meter?

Probably not as your smart meter will keep you informed of your consumption. As all smart meters and energy monitors have different levels of functionality make sure you check if your existing set up can do what you want before you buy any more equipment.

How do they work?

The actual sensor will clip onto your electricity meter, so it can measure the current that flows through it and measure your usage. Attached to this sensor is a transmitter, which then transmits the reading to your wireless display.

It will measure all sorts of things like costs, power usage, and CO2 emissions.

How much do they cost?

They usually range from £20 to £100, the most expensive isn't always the best choice though. Not all energy monitors will have the same features so It's important to find the right one for your needs.

Can I get a free Energy Monitor?

You can easily pick one up online from amazon or a suppliers site. There are some reviews at Which? To help you decide. Some suppliers offer free energy monitors with certain tariffs, however, that doesn’t mean you’ll be on the cheapest rates and may end up losing money if you’re not careful. The price of one could be less than the savings you'd make by taking a tariff that gets you one free and has higher rates.
Ensure you always compare prices to find the best energy tariff for your home energy or business energy.

Will it save me money?

Once you've got your one set up, you can start finding ways to save money like identifying how much money you waste leaving appliances on overnight, or if you would benefit from an economy 7 meter (which we can find you a cheap tariff for by the way).

While you're thinking about how you could put one to use, why not also get a free online comparison of your home or business energy? Your household bills could be reduced by up to £200 a year and you can switch completely online in 10 minutes. Businesses can compare energy prices online too and we could save you up to 40% per year, that's money straight off your bottom line.

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