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Business Change of Tenancy

Moving to a new premises?

Is your business moving to new premises? In minutes we can have you onto commercial energy rates that are far below the out of contract rates you’ll be paying when you first move in.

How is my energy supplied when I move to a new building?

When you turn on the lights for the first time in your new premises, the previous tenant’s energy supplier is providing the electricity. The previous tenant should have told their gas and commerical electricity supplier that they were moving, so they should be aware. They still control the supply so you will have access to gas and electricity but as you are not in a contract they will charge you very high 'Out of Contract' rates.

What are Out of Contract energy prices?

When you move into your new premises and you haven't got an energy contract sorted, you aren't stuck in the dark. The previous tenants energy supplier will still provide you with electricity and gas, but because you're not in a contract you'll be charged extremely high prices, known as an 'out of contract' rate. Now is your opportunity to find the best deal on the market and get the cheapest energy prices available, you're not restricted to the previous tenants supplier either.

Call us now on 0800 988 8375 and we'll find the cheapest prices and do the hard work of switching for you.

Do I always pay more for energy when there’s a Change of Tenancy?

A change of tenancy doesn’t always mean you’ll pay outrageous prices. We can set up your new energy contract before you move in, or if you get in touch on the day you move in, we can set you up with the best prices for your business within 20 minutes. On top of that your new contract will go live that day so you can have peace of mind knowing your business won’t suffer.

What details will I need to set up my new contract?

You just need the address of your new property and the day you are moving in and we can do the rest. It’ll make our job easier if you know the S Number but it’s not necessary.

How can we sort out my high Change of Tenancy energy prices?

The best way is to call us so we can get the cheapest rates for your business and switch you to them as quickly as possible. Ring us on the number below and we can get started. If you prefer, send us a message and we'll call you back at a time that’s convenient for you.

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