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Guide to Workplace EV Chargers

Shaun Starr |

April 2021

EV Charger At Work

Many businesses use the same workplace perks and it is becoming more difficult to attract top talent or even retain talent. Many successful small businesses often look at ways to make their employees lives easier.

The UK government recently took a historic step towards net-zero emissions. In 2030 the sale of new diesel and petrol cars will be phased out. That will mean businesses will no longer be able to buy new diesel or petrol cars for their fleets. It is intended to accelerate the change to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Whatever your company's size, knowing change is coming allows you to think ahead and invest wisely. So how can you make the most of the opportunity?

Many small businesses are adopting EV chargers at their premises to gain a hiring advantage in the coming years. Especially those with ambitious growth plans.

Why it’s the best time for small businesses to invest in EV charging points

To achieve the Governoments ambitious goals of net-zero emissions, they are offering businesses, organisations, charities and local authorities financial support to install EV charging.

Essentially, the UK Government are offering up to £350 per socket at 75% of the total installation cost. You can take advantage of this by installing up to 20 chargers. You can read more about the scheme here.

Choosing to go green now also reduces your company's carbon footprint. If you use a fleet of vechicles, it may be wise to make the switch now. However, you must ensure you are on a great value commercial tariff to benefit.

Is it cheaper to own an EV?

Installing a charging point will inevitably mean an increase in your electricity bills. However, the overall cost of owning an EV is much cheaper according to The International Council on Clean Trasportation.

The study examines the cost of fuel, tax and maintenance.

The biggest benefit is you can actually have a much better control of fuel cost. As EV’s operate on electricity, there’s no shortage of energy suppliers competiting in a very cost driven market. 

Businesses are able to regularly review their business energy costs and switch suppliers accordingly. For businesses operating during off-peak hours, there are also a range of tariffs that could save companies much more than anticipated. You can compare business energy here.

What are the benefits of electric car charging stations?

It’s obvious that over time there’s a large saving in operating costs for a commercial fleet and it provides greater convience for your employees. But there’s much more.

  • Benefit In Kind – by installing a EV charging point you can reduce the amount of tax for company cars.
  • Sustainability Goals – it offers a strong marketing message and can help your organisation reduce CO2 emissions.

What types of EV chargers are available?

There are a few EV chargers a business can install. The main difference is charge speed. The quicker the charge time, the more expensive it is to install. However, quicker isn’t always better. If your employees are spending 7-8 hours a day at the office, a slow charger is fine.

Here are the main EV charging options available to businesses:


Slow Charge (<3kW)

Fast Charge (7kW – 22kW)

Rapid Charge (43kW+)

The pace of charge will add 10 - 20 miles per hour.

7kW chargers will add 20 – 30 miles per hour.


22kWs will add 60 – 90 miles per hour.

Rapid chargers vary but will typically ass 125 – 180 miles per hour.

Great for office car parks where employees are working for longer periods.

Great for offices where visitors and employees are present for a few hours at a time.

Great for fleets and businesses where users are only spending 30 mins to an hour on premises.

Source: Pod Point


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