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British Gas Tariffs Vs EON Tariffs: Business and Home Energy

Daniel Hill |

February 2022

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Most energy consumers will be familiar with the big six energy suppliers. British Gas and EON are part of this well-known group. They are two of the biggest suppliers in the UK.

With the recent upheaval of the energy market, it is difficult to know which supplier to turn to. At Love Energy Savings, we create guides for people who want to make informed decisions about their energy consumption. In this article, our experts compare British Gas tariffs and EON tariffs based on price, customer service, eco-friendly practices, incentives, and a range of other important information.

Why Compare Energy Tariffs?

Some people blindly choose a big-name energy supplier just because the name is recognisable. There is so much more to consider than just a name. By comparing British Gas tariffs and EON tariffs you can gain a deeper insight into where your money is going and how to manage it.

Different suppliers might invest in environmental practices that better represent your values. Lots of energy suppliers are also becoming more aware of the importance of community funding and charity work. Conscientious consumers should always compare tariffs to find one that suits their needs.

British Gas Business Energy Vs EON Business Energy

Business energy can be confusing at the best of times. Lots of startup business owners are quick to rush into contracts with big-name suppliers just to tick an essential task off their to-do lists.

At Love Energy Savings, we encourage business owners to consider their options. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a 3-year contract that does not reflect your needs. British Gas business tariffs and EON business tariffs might seem like the best option at first glance, but is there any hidden information that you need to consider?

Which Has More Tariff Options? (Business Energy)

There are lots of different British Gas tariffs and EON tariffs to choose from. British Gas has a Fixed Price Energy Plan, which is the most popular. This plan is available for 1, 2, and 3 years. Consumers can pay by direct debit to save 7% on their overall bill.

British Gas’ 30-day Rolling Energy Plan guarantees reduced bills if energy unit prices decrease. Business owners on this type of contract can switch suppliers with just 30 days' notice, and even upgrade to a Fixed Price Energy Plan at any time.

British Gas has a tailored plan for commercial landlords who have a large portfolio of properties. Commercial landlords can access fixed or flexible contracts. They can even manage their energy in one place with British Gas’ online account management system.

Like EON business energy customers, British Gas business energy customers can choose a Renewable Business Energy Plan. Both these suppliers promise 100% renewable energy, which is ideal for people who want to invest in a company that reflects their eco-conscious values.

EON has created EON Next for small and medium business energy customers. Business energy consumers are moved onto EON Next if they spend less than £35,000 on energy, and use less than 100,000 kWh of commercial electricity or 293,000 kWh of business gas per year.

EON business energy customers can secure a fixed or variable rate tariff. The most popular choice is the 2-year fixed-rate tariff, which has no exit fees and promises 100% renewable electricity. Zero exit fees are ideal for business owners that want added flexibility.

Winner: British Gas offers a wider range of options and the information about each tariff is accessible.

Which Is Cheaper? (Business Energy)

One of the most common questions that consumers ask us about suppliers is, which is cheaper? The answer to this question is not straightforward. It is no secret that energy prices have been in flux in recent months due to the energy crisis. Variable-rate tariffs are subject to fluctuations in wholesale energy prices.

The best way to find exact prices for your business is to use our free energy comparison tool. Just put a few simple details into our comparison generator and find unit prices in seconds. Business owners love how quick and simple our energy comparison is.

Winner: Both British Gas business energy and EON business energy tariffs are changing in accordance with the energy crisis.

Compare Prices Now

Which Has Better Customer Service? (Business Energy)

One of the biggest benefits of surveying the big six energy companies is that they have lots of reviews. At Love Energy Savings, we depend on Trustpilot to provide us with accurate customer reviews. Customer reviews are an important part of making decisions about your future energy supplier.

Some suppliers have two different Trustpilot accounts for domestic and commercial customers. British Gas and EON only have one account, which means that reviews from domestic customers will impact the company’s overall rating.

People who want to secure British Gas business tariffs will be pleased to see that the company has over 80,000 reviews on Trustpilot. It has an average of 3.1/5 stars on Trustpilot. Only 42% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas 32% think that it is bad. Excellent reviews mention polite customer service representatives and quick, easy installation processes. Bad reviews are quick to point out poor admin practices and issues with payments.

EON business energy has a slightly better overall rating, but far fewer reviews. It has an average of 3.4/5 stars on Trustpilot. 47% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas 31% think that it is bad. These ratings are only a bit better than British Gas’ ratings. Excellent reviews talk about the easy booking and installation process, whereas bad reviews mention inefficient engineers and duplicate bills.

Both suppliers are similar in that they do not respond to all reviews. Customer service representatives from both companies only respond to a few comments, which means that some customers have fallen through the cracks in their procedures.

Winner: British Gas wins because it only has a slightly worse overall rating than EON with more than double the number of reviews.

Which is Greener? (Business Energy)

British Gas business energy consumers who are on standard plans can expect 75% of their energy to come from renewable sources, which is much higher than the industry average of 40%. Green plans come with 100% renewable gas and electricity.

The brains behind British Gas have responded to the need for tailored energy plans. Their renewable energy plans are designed to create a cleaner planet and offset your carbon footprint. 100% renewable gas and electricity come as standard as part of this plan. All of British Gas’ renewable energy is independently certified by the Carbon Trust, which gives consumers an added layer of assurance. Business owners can even secure their supply from local or specific named generators.

Similarly, EON business tariff customers can access 100% renewable energy. The main difference between these suppliers is that EON delivers renewable energy at no extra cost. This supplier will even switch small business owners over to renewable energy next time they renew or sign a new contract.

Winner: EON business tariffs win this round because they automatically deliver 100% renewable energy.

Which Has Better Incentives? (Business Energy)

As of now, neither British Gas business tariffs nor EON business tariffs come with incentives for new customers. Whereas some suppliers are happy to offer cash bonuses and free months to new customers, both EON and British Gas are confident that their tariffs will win business owners over.

Winner: This round is a draw.

British Gas Business Vs EON Business Energy Overall Winner

British Gas just about cinches the win! We recommend British Gas business energy over EON business energy because it offers a wider range of tariffs, has slightly better reviews, and guarantees 100% renewable energy on Green tariffs. And with over 12 million domestic and commercial customers, this supplier must be doing something right.

British Gas Tariffs Vs EON Tariffs For Home Energy

At Love Energy Savings, we work hard to make sure that domestic energy customers get the best deals. We know how easy it can be to go with a big-name supplier. British Gas tariffs and EON tariffs can look virtually identical, which is why it is so important to be aware of customer service ratings, eco-conscious packages, and incentives.

Which Has More Tariff Options? (Home Energy)

British Gas tariffs fall under four umbrellas: fixed-price tariffs, green tariffs, Energy Plus home services, and electric vehicles tariffs. We were pleased to see the Energy Plus tariff listed on the site. This comprehensive tariff is a lot like a fixed-rate tariff, but it also includes Central Heating Breakdown Cover, Plumbing and Drains Cover and Home Electrical Cover. Domestic consumers who want peace of mind should opt for the Energy Plus tariff. Be warned, if you do not ask for a different tariff at the end of the 12-month fixed contract, it will automatically renew.

EON tariffs include fixed-rate, variable, pay-as-you-go, and prepayment contracts. As with British Gas, one tariff stands out from the rest. EON EnergyPlan Assist is designed to protect certain groups from inflated bills. If you have a credit meter and you had a Warm Home Discount payment from EON between October 2016 and March 2019, you are eligible for the EON Energy Plan Assist contract. This contract is the same as EON’s standard variable tariff, but it does not have any exit fees.

Winner: EON offers a much wider range of tariffs than British Gas, and it supports vulnerable customers by offering a specific tariff.

Which Is Cheaper? (Home Energy)

Similar to British Gas business tariffs and EON business tariffs, it is difficult to find exact unit rates for domestic consumers. Overall charges depend on a number of factors including the type of tariff that you choose, the supplier’s standing charge, and the unit rate.

Consumers have to input their personal information on British Gas’ website to receive a quote. EON is much more transparent about its prices. Consumers can download prices for a range of tariffs on the EON website.

Winner: It is so much easier to find price information on EON’s website, which eliminates some of the frustration that comes with securing a supplier.

Which Has Better Customer Service? (Home Energy)

Some suppliers create separate Trustpilot accounts for business and domestic consumers. By doing this, they create a clear divide between different types of services. Unfortunately, both British Gas and EON have the same Trustpilot account for their business and domestic customers. No matter which type of British Gas tariff or EON tariff you want, you will always see the same ratings.

British Gas has an average of 3.1/5 stars on Trustpilot, whereas EON has an average of 3.4 /5 stars on Trustpilot. British Gas has a whopping 80,000 reviews, whereas EON only has just over 30,000. It is important to note that neither supplier consistently replies to reviews, which means that your complaint might go unanswered.

Winner: We have based this win on the fact that British Gas has far more reviews than EON and only a slightly lower rating.

Which is Greener? (Home Energy)

British Gas promises domestic customers ‘tariffs with environmental benefits’. This supplier delivers dedicated Green tariffs. British Gas matches 100% of the electricity that consumers use on Green tariffs, and it even goes a step further by supporting carbon emission reduction projects in the developing world. One of the ways that British Gas does this is by purchasing Certified Emissions Reduction certificates. For every customer on the Green Futures tariff, British Gas will protect up to 5 trees in the UK.

Like EON business energy customers, EON domestic consumers do not have the option of a specific green energy tariff. EON does provide 100% renewable energy to domestic customers as standard, but it fails to deliver a tailor-made plan. Consumers that we have spoken to prefer designated green tariffs because they show that eco-friendly practices are embedded in the company.

Winner: EON might invest in renewable energy, but it does not have a specific Green plan as British Gas does. British Gas also invests in carbon-offsetting projects, which makes it the clear winner!

Which Has Better Incentives? (Home Energy)

Unfortunately, British Gas tariffs and EON tariffs do not come with incentives for new customers. Whereas lots of new and upcoming suppliers offer bonuses for new customers, most of the big six energy suppliers rely on their reputations.

It is important to note that both British Gas and EON take part in the Warm Home Discount Scheme. Although it is not exactly an incentive, it can reduce your energy bills. The government has set the discount amount at £140, which is inclusive of VAT. Consumers who want to take part in the scheme have to apply by a certain date and have to meet the government’s eligibility criteria. Even then, both suppliers work on a first come first serve basis.

Winner: This round is a draw.

British Gas Tariffs Vs EON Tariffs Overall Winner

In this case, we have to call a draw. Both suppliers were neck and neck throughout our analysis. The choice between British Gas tariffs and EON tariffs is a personal one. People who want a wider range of tariffs to choose from and switch to might prefer EON, whereas people who want tailor-made eco-friendly tariffs will prefer British Gas.

Compare Business & Home Energy Tariffs

Whether you want to compare British Gas business energy rates or standard rates for domestic tariffs, we have got you covered! At Love Energy Savings, we put your needs first. We exist to reduce the cost of domestic and commercial energy bills across the UK.

Enter your information into our energy comparison form and find deals that are tailored to your needs within minutes. It really is that simple! The results will include a range of big-name suppliers and newer, more modern suppliers. Gone are the days of settling for a well-known name.

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