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Scottish Power Tariffs Vs E.ON Energy Tariffs: Business and Home Energy

Daniel Hill |

February 2022

Saving Energy Invoices

Scottish Power and E.ON Energy are two household names. Both energy suppliers have millions, or even tens of millions, of customers across the UK. It is no secret that the recent energy crisis has thrown the industry into chaos. Things that consumers took for granted, such as the effectiveness of the Big Six energy companies, are now being questioned.

Business energy and domestic energy consumers do not know where to turn to in order to bag the best deal. More and more consumers ask us to compare Big Six suppliers to see which has better customer service, which is cheaper, and whether they have any incentives for new customers. In this article, we compare Scottish Power tariffs with E.ON Energy tariffs so that you do not have to. Keep reading to discover which supplier is better for your domestic and business needs.

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Why Compare Energy Tariffs?

Comparing Scottish Power tariffs and E.ON gas tariffs is the first step towards finding a better deal. The energy industry can be a minefield for energy consumers who do not do their research. Thousands of consumers find themselves stuck in fixed-term contracts that they do not want. Even worse, lots of consumers are on expensive standard variable rate contracts without realising it!

At Love Energy Savings, we encourage consumers to compare tariffs for lots of reasons. The most obvious reason is the money savings. Another often overlooked reason is personal values. By comparing suppliers, you can find one that reflects your green ideals and even supports community endeavours and charities that you approve of.

When you use our energy comparison generator, you can see a range of tariffs that suit your needs in a matter of minutes. It really is that easy. At Love Energy Savings, we exist to make switching simple.

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Scottish Power Business Energy Vs E.ON Business Energy

Scottish Power and E.ON are two energy powerhouses. With the former boasting 5 million customers and the latter claiming 33 million, there is no denying that these suppliers are household names. But what goes on behind the scenes? We compare Scottish Power business energy and E.ON business energy on the range of tariffs available, customer service standards, and new customer incentives.

Which Has More Tariff Options? (Business Energy)

It is always telling when an energy company has the same standard tariffs for both domestic and business customers. Business consumers should always look for tailored packages that suit their unique needs.

Business owners can choose from a few different Scottish Power tariffs including Standard Fixed, Standard Variable, Deemed, and Business Fixed. Standard Fixed allows consumers to lock in a fixed unit rate for just 1 year. There are no exit fees associated with this tariff. Consumers only have to worry about the 30-day termination notice period. This Scottish Power business energy tariff is ideal for business owners who want to prepare for expansion and growth in the future.

Business Fixed is the only Scottish Power business energy tariff that is tailor-made to suit business owners. Business owners can fix the cost of their unit rate for 1, 2, or 3 years. They can also access their accounts online, and receive energy efficiency advice that Scottish Power creates in association with the Carbon Trust.

E.ON Energy tariffs are made with business owners in mind. The brains behind E.ON created E.ON Next for small and medium-sized businesses that spend less than £35,000 on energy and use less than 100,000 kWh of business electricity or 293,000 kWh of commercial gas per year. If your business meets these criteria, you will be automatically moved to an E.ON Next tariff. 100% renewable electricity comes as standard on each E.ON Next deal. Consumers can speak to a dedicated Energy Specialist to make their switch easy, and there are no exit fees.

Large E.ON business energy customers now have access to Npower Business Solutions, which is powered by E.ON. Over 20,000 businesses in the UK already have a Business Solutions contract. The main purpose of this tariff is to help business owners reach net zero.

Winner: E.ON is the clear winner because it offers tailored solutions that focus on the environment and renewability.

Which Is Cheaper? (Business Energy)

It is difficult to find accurate information about unit rates. Typically, suppliers ask site visitors to fill out a form to receive an estimate. Now that Ofgem has announced the price cap rise, suppliers are even more secretive about unit rates.

One solution to this problem is our energy comparison generator. Our experts have surveyed all the suppliers in the industry to find up-to-date information about unit rates, tariffs, and ratings. If you want accurate information in minutes, use our generator.

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Winner: This round is a draw.

Which Has Better Customer Service? (Business Energy)

Customer service ratings are one of the most important considerations for prospective customers. At Love Energy Savings, we rely on Trustpilot for transparent customer reviews.

Scottish Power has 3.7/5 stars on Trustpilot, which is a result of over 39,500 reviews. 46% think that the service is excellent, whereas 24% think that it is bad. There are also lots of customers that had a great, average, and poor experience. Prospective Scottish Power tariff customers are not guaranteed an excellent or even a good experience. Excellent reviews mention helpful customer service representatives and easy switching processes. Negative reviewers are quick to mention long waits and ineffective smart meter appointments.

E.ON gas tariffs have only amassed 33,000 reviews. E.ON has an average of 3.4/5 stars on Trustpilot. 47% of customers are pleased with the service, whereas 31% are unhappy with their energy. The positive and negative reviews contradict each other. Some excellent reviews talk about hassle-free installations, whereas lots of negative reviews mention inefficient engineers.

Winner: Scottish Power business energy wins because it has a better overall rating.

Which Is Greener? (Business Energy)

Eco-friendly practices are on the top of every consumer's tick list. With the government’s net-zero target looming, environmental concerns are a constant talking point. Energy suppliers are beginning to understand the importance of implementing green goals. Some have even responded to the demand for environmentally conscious energy by creating tailored tariffs. Unfortunately, Scottish Power and E.ON do not offer tailored green tariffs to consumers.

Scottish Power tariffs come with 100% green electricity as standard, which is generated by its own wind farms. All Scottish Power business energy customers can expect green electricity at no extra cost. Likewise, E.ON promises 100% electricity to all small to medium businesses that sign a contract.

Winner: Scottish Power tariffs cinch the win in this round. All Scottish Power business energy customers can expect 100% green electricity, whereas large E.ON business energy customers are excluded.

Which Has Better Incentives?(Business Energy)

Some suppliers are happy to offer new customers incentives. Incentives include things like free months and cash rewards. Neither Scottish Power nor E.ON offers incentives to business customers. Incentives are more common for domestic contracts, where a £50 or £100 cash incentive can make a big dent in monthly energy bills.

Winner: This round is a draw.

Scottish Power Business Energy Vs E.ON Business Energy Overall Winner

Scottish Power tariffs win overall. This narrow win is based on better customer ratings and eco-friendly practices. We recommend this supplier for people who want a well-established energy company that offers a range of standard, 100% green electricity tariffs. If you own a small or medium-sized business and prefer tailored tariffs, you might prefer E.ON.

Scottish Power Tariffs Vs E.ON Energy Tariffs for Home Energy

Home energy consumers should do just as much research as business energy consumers. It is easy to pick the first supplier that you see, especially if it has a well-known name.

At Love Energy Savings, we exist to make energy information easy. Whether you are considering a Scottish Power tariff or an E.ON gas tariff, we have got you covered. Keep reading to discover all you need to know about home energy contracts from these brands.

Which Has More Tariff Options? (Home Energy)

Domestic Scottish Power tariffs deliver more than just a consistent energy supply. Consumers can choose a Fixed-Price Energy tariff for 1 year or a Fixed-Price Energy tariff for 2 years. The 1-Year tariff has £60 exit fees, and the 2-Year tariff has zero exit fees. The 2-Year contract also promises customers 100% renewable electricity, and some of the proceeds will go towards Cancer Research UK.

Scottish Power also offers consumers identical deals with additional boiler insurance. The 1-Year Fixed-Price Energy contract that comes with boiler insurance has £60 exit fee, whereas the 2-Year Fixed-Price Energy contract that comes with boiler insurance has zero exit fees. Smart meter installation is required for the 1-Year contract, but not for the 2-Year deal.

People who are looking for E.ON gas tariffs might prefer a comprehensive package. E.ON offers domestic customers standard deals that cover both gas and electricity. Consumers can choose from Fixed-Rate, Variable, Pay As You Go, and Prepayment tariffs. E.ON EnergyPlan Assist stands out from the crowd because it is tailored to vulnerable customers. If you have a credit meter and received a Warm Home Discount payment from E.ON between October 2016 and March 2019, you are eligible for this deal. It is similar to the Variable tariff but does not have any exit fees.

Winner: E.ON wins this round because it has a wider range of tariffs that suit different needs.

Which Is Cheaper? (Home Energy)

Finding transparent information about unit prices is more difficult than ever. Wholesale energy prices have hit an all-time high. They have tripled in just a year. This spells disaster for prospective Scottish Power tariff and E.ON Energy tariff customers who want accurate unit rates.

Amidst the price cap rise, suppliers are hurrying to recalculate unit rates. The easiest way to find accurate calculations is to use an energy comparison tool. Our generator is designed to stay on top of fluctuating prices. Put your details into the generator and find approximate prices in just 60 seconds.

Compare Energy Now

Winner: This round is a draw.

Which Has Better Customer Service? (Home Energy)

When it comes to customer service ratings, Trustpilot is a brilliant source of information. It is the go-to choice for customers who want to leave feedback on their energy suppliers.

Some suppliers create separate accounts for business and domestic customers, whereas other suppliers use the same account for different customers. Both Scottish Power and E.ON use the same account for both customers.

Over 39,000 Scottish Power tariff customers have contributed to an average of 3.7/5 stars on Trustpilot. Just over 33,000 E.ON Energy tariff customers have given the company an average of 3.4/5 stars on Trustpilot. Some of these reviews are from business customers, which means that domestic consumers can never be sure if negative reviews apply to the services that they need.

Winner: Scottish Power wins this round because it has a better overall rating. However, customers should be wary that reviews might not be relevant to them.

Which Is Greener? (Home Energy)

Neither Scottish Power nor E.ON offers domestic customers specific eco-friendly tariffs. Instead, both suppliers have embedded environmentally-conscious practices into the structure of the business.

All Scottish Power tariffs come with 100% green electricity, which is sourced from its own wind farms. Home energy consumers can even explore Scottish Power’s wind farms and discover how many homes each site powers. Likewise, all homeowners that have signed up for E.ON Energy tariffs get 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost.

Winner: This round was almost a draw, but Scottish Power cinches the win. This supplier has its own wind farms and invites consumers to learn more about them with an interactive online map.

Which Has Better Incentives?(Home Energy)

When it comes to switching suppliers, you should always look for new customer incentives. Incentives can lessen the burden of your monthly bills.

Unlike Scottish Power business energy customers, domestic customers can take advantage of the Refer A Friend scheme. Taking part in the scheme is simple. Give your personal referral link to a friend who wants to sign up. If they remain on the contract for a minimum of 28 days, you will share up to £120 energy credit.

Similarly, E.ON business energy customers cannot access the Refer A Friend scheme, but domestic customers can. Just send your unique link to a friend. If they sign up for an energy contract, you will both receive a £40 eGift card. You can choose from a range of eGift cards, including Amazon, Waitrose, and B&Q, to just name a few.

Winner: Scottish Power wins this round because it offers new and existing customers more money as part of its Refer A Friend scheme. Customers should note that their Scottish Power reward has to be used on energy credit, whereas E.ON lets customers choose from a range of gift cards.

Scottish Power Tariffs Vs E.ON Energy Tariffs Overall Winner

Scottish Power tariffs win again! Scottish Power beats E.ON on customer ratings, green energy, and even incentives. It is ideal for home energy consumers who want a reliable supplier that considers every aspect of their needs. Consumers who want a wider range of contracts might prefer E.ON Energy tariffs.

Compare Business & Home Energy Tariffs

With our online energy comparison, it has never been easier to compare business and home energy tariffs. You can compare everything from E.ON gas tariffs to comprehensive Scottish Power tariffs with our generator. It is designed to focus on your needs rather than big names. You might discover ideal suppliers and tariffs that you have never heard of before.

You can find your dream tariff in a matter of minutes. Put your details into the generator below, and let us do the rest. Our generator will display a range of suppliers in just 60 seconds. We can handle all the boring admin tasks for you.

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