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British Gas is an energy supplier which really needs no introduction, being the oldest and most famous supplier in the UK. You will have seen their huge advertising campaigns on television and around towns and cities and British Gas is the largest of all the energy providers in the country. The firm are now owned by Centrica and they are inevitably part of the Big Six energy companies.

Despite the infamous demerger of 1997, British Gas chose to keep their name when the British Gas Corporation was disbanded. The corporation was privatised in the mid-eighties and they also decided to float their shares on the London stock market.

Today, British Gas have an offering for both home energy and business energy customers and also use the trading name of Scottish Gas north of the border. Take a look below to see what British Gas offer their domestic and commercial energy customers and how you can look to switch to this provider with Love Energy Savings.

British Gas for Business

Like several of the Big Six energy suppliers, British Gas decided to create a separate entity to deal with their business energy customers. This allows them to offer a bespoke service perfect for commercial customers. They are proud to have years of experience in the market from SME’s all the way up to large corporations.

British Gas provides business energy tariffs on a one, two or three year basis and some businesses may be eligible for a smart meter.

British Gas for Business accept monthly direct debits and have a 90 day notice period on their business energy contracts.

British Gas are one of the Big Six energy suppliers, serving around 50,000 businesses around the UK with commercial gas and electricity.

In addition to this, British Gas for Business deal with issues such as energy efficiency in the workplace, renewable alternatives and even boiler maintenance. To find out more about this, be sure to speak to your dedicated Love Energy Savings expert.

You can compare British Gas for Business to other energy suppliers on our business energy suppliers table, which details all of the best providers. These are the providers used by our state of the art comparison engine, which is free to use and no-obligation.

How Do I Switch My Business Energy To British Gas?

To switch your business electricity and gas supplier to British Gas, contact Love Energy Savings in one of the following ways:

Call us on 0800 988 8375

Instantly compare prices and switch online using our business energy comparison engine.

As one of the biggest suppliers in the UK, British Gas for Business feature prominently in our Energy News Centre, which is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to stay up to date with everything going on in the tumultuous energy sector.

British Gas for Home

British Gas’ values are simple for home energy customers. They look to provide the very best gas and electricity prices possible and offer unrivalled customer service. As one of the Big Six energy suppliers, British Gas also look to provide innovative and modern approaches to energy management and you will no doubt have seen their vans buzzing around the UK, servicing things such as boiler systems..

British gas provides home energy contracts which are either rolling contracts (where you can switch to another supplier if unhappy with service) or up to 24 months, payable by direct debit with the option for paperless billing and online account management. British Gas also offer green energy tariffs as part of their commitment to renewable energy.

British Gas supplies energy to over 12 million homes in the UK and offer a number of other services with the objective of providing 'smarter living' for homes and communities to become more energy efficient and save money.

The Love Energy Savings energy suppliers table allows you to cross reference British Gas with other suppliers before you perform a free, no-obligation price comparison right here on the site. This will show you how much you can save on your home energy and whether or not British Gas represent the best value for money. You could find you a British Gas energy tariff cheaper than your current home energy contract.

Should I Switch to British Gas for Home Energy?

To switch your electricity and gas supplier to British Gas, contact Love Energy Savings in one of the following ways:

-          Instantly compare prices and switch online using our home energy comparison engine.

-          Call us on 0800 988 8375

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