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Extra Energy Prices, News & Updates

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Extra Energy are one of the rising stars of the domestic and business energy market and have already had huge success in Germany through their sister company, Extra Energie. This energy supplier is big on customer’s service and are also of the belief that their prices cannot be beaten. The UK guise of Extra Energy is based in Birmingham.

Extra Energy’s prices are indeed very competitive and you can find out if they provide the best solution for your home and/or business, by performing a free, no-obligation energy comparison with Love Energy Savings today.  This provider has a lot of experience when it comes to finding the best gas and electricity prices and supply around 1 million homes in Germany, they are looking to emulate this in the UK with their mix of expertise and customer satisfaction.

Versatile Energy Solutions

Extra Energy have all of the features you would expect of a modern home and commercial energy supplier. A fresh attitude to energy is backed up by online account management and fixed as well as variable rate energy deals. The lean and efficient nature of this German energy firm is replicated in their service and prices and previous customers have always described Extra Energy as approachable and friendly. 

Below you will find all the information you need about Extra Energy’s two energy products, these being domestic and business. Once you have had a flick through, the quickest way to determine whether or not Extra Energy is the supplier for you, is to perform a free energy comparison with Love Energy Savings.

Extra Energy for Your Business

When it comes to business energy, Extra Energy have a range of offerings which could end up being the prudent choice for your company. Most organisations tend to opt for fixed rate contracts to stop them from being effected by any fluctuations in the market.

Extra Energy offer fixed rate business energy contracts of one, two or three years. Once agreed, these rates cannot change, meaning you can effectively forecast your business energy use with this supplier.

As with their home energy offering, Extra Energy can’t emphasise enough how they put onus on cheaper prices for gas and electricity and their commitment to customer service.

You may well find updates and news articles regarding Extra Energy in our Energy News Centre. This has become one of the most popular places for home business energy news on the web, so be sure to take a look and ensure you can make as informed a decision as possible regarding moving your energy supply to Extra Energy.

Extra Energy for the Home

All of the aforementioned commitment to customer service and cheaper prices applies to Extra Energy and customers can expect a time window of around five weeks when transferring their home gas and/or electricity supply to these guys. Here at Love Energy Savings, we will always use all of our nous to get you onto the cheaper deal as quickly as possible.

When moving to Extra Energy for your domestic gas and electricity, you also get a seven day cooling off period to ensure you are happy with the switch.

If you want to learn more about Extra Energy, they may well have featured in our Energy News Centre. This is one of the most popular energy saving blogs in the UK and we focus on smaller energy suppliers as well as the Big Six, so it really is the most comprehensive place to find your energy news.

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