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If you are looking for a domestic energy supplier which specialises in prepayment and smart meters, then Utilita Energy are most probably for you.

These guys are the UK’s biggest supplier of smart meters and they also have a range of home energy products for customers to choose from.

Smart meters are area of the energy market which is always evolving, with advances in technology coming along all the time. As such, is important to use a home energy supplier you can trust if you are going be relying on this kind of equipment. Utilita fit this mould perfectly, as an independent domestic gas and electricity provider which always offers the latest smart metering technology available.

What Is Utilita’s Background?

Utilita Energy emerged onto the energy scene back in 2003. Their intention was to use their aforementioned expertise and state of the art smart metering technology to make life easier for domestic energy customers all across the UK. Innovation has always been at the core of their ethos and their business model was really a reaction to the Energy White Paper of 2001.

They relaunched four years later in partnership with Secure Meters (UK) Limited in order to combat the growing levels of fuel poverty that had developed in the UK. Their smart meters and low costs helped no end and by 2010, they were firmly ahead of the pack when it came to smart metering and prepayment.  They have already installed 150,000 smart meters in the UK and work alongside housing trusts and charities to ensure that even the poorest customers have a way of purchasing their gas and electricity.

Should I Use Utilita for My Domestic Energy?

Well, the only way to find out for sure is to scour the energy market and find all the cheapest home energy prices for your local area and given your current deal.  You can do this yourself, or you can use the free Love Energy Savings comparison engine. This is completely no obligation and you can get a response in a matter of minutes. What’s more, we will even do all the paperwork for you.

Why not see if Utilita Energy are the cheapest energy supplier today, or you can always head to our News Centre or Energy Guides if you want to learn more about the domestic energy market.

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