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Wessex Water - Business Water Supplier Review

Wessex Water is just one of the commercial water suppliers that is vying for customers in the newly deregulated market. When Ofwat deregulated the water market, it encouraged competition between suppliers. The water market has been deregulated since April of 2017.

Now, business owners all over the UK can choose the supplier that best suits their business needs. Small, medium, and large businesses can secure tailored services. With more options than ever before, it is no wonder that consumers are questioning some of the best-known suppliers.

Wessex Water business water customers might be pleased to secure services from one of the most reputable suppliers on the market, but are they satisfied with its services, rates, and customer support? Keep reading to discover everything that there is to know about Wessex Water.

Introduction to Wessex Water

Wessex Water was founded in 1973, which makes it one of the longest-standing business water suppliers on the market. It covers around 10,000 square kilometres including Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire, and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire. A combined 2.8 million domestic and commercial water customers rely on Wessex Water for services.

This supplier has passed through lots of hands. Between 1998 and 2001 Enron purchased Wessex Water for £1.3 billion, but the company quickly went bankrupt. Then, a Malaysian company called YTL bought Wessex Water for £1.2 billion. YTL forged Wessex Water’s reputation as a socially responsible supplier. It ‘aims to tackle the climate emergency’ and ‘support the communities’ it serves’ to ‘contribute to the growth of the UK economy.’

Carbon and climate issues have never been more pressing. Prospective customers can read about Wessex Water’s route map to net zero. This supplier is taking emissions avoidance measures as well as optimisation measures to improve energy efficiency. It is also increasing the amount of biogas that it generates from anaerobic digestion.

Wessex Water business water customers will be pleased to learn that the supplier wants to ‘provide our customers and communities with excellent service and value for money.’ It has even created a business plan for 2020 to 2025 to showcase its ideas and outline its actions. This business plan is the result of a consultation with customers and stakeholders alike. Wessex Water conducted independent focus groups and sent out surveys to over 140,000 people to gain a sense of direction on their new billing policies and services.

Wessex Water Commercial Water Services

Wessex Water business water customers can choose from a range of services. This supplier provides millions of customers with fresh water and wastewater services. Potential customers can read about Wessex Water’s water network and sewage network on the website.

Commercial water customers can also rely on Wessex Water for trade effluent services, but they will need to gain consent. Trade effluent is defined as a liquid that is produced on non-domestic premises for non-domestic purposes. An example of trade effluent is liquids that are produced as by-products of washing hair at salons.

Customers should be aware that Wessex Water does not carry out meter reading services. Domestic customers have their meters read by Pelican Business Services. Business owners can find information about business meter readings by clicking on the link above.

Wessex Water Business Water Reviews

The digital sphere has allowed disgruntled customers to make their views known. Sites such as Trustpilot give customers a platform to express their opinions. They can also highlight some of the problems in day to day operations and even customer services.

Wessex Water business water customers are very pleased with the services that they receive. This supplier has one of the best Trustpilot ratings of all the suppliers that we have surveyed. It has 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot and an average rating of excellent. Both domestic and commercial water customers can leave a review on this Trustpilot account, which means that business owners might see reviews that are not representative of their needs.

87% of customers think that the services are excellent, whereas only 3% of customers think that the services are bad. Excellent reviews claim that the company is ‘efficient, helpful, and friendly!’, whereas negative reviews are quick to mention that the customer service representatives have ‘poor communication skills.

Prospective business water customers will be pleased to know that a representative from Wessex Water replies to all the reviews. This shows that the supplier invests in its customer service procedures.

Wessex Water Average Business Water Prices

Since the deregulation of the market, lots of suppliers have been very transparent about their water charges. Like a lot of the other suppliers on the market, Wessex Water has a dedicated business water charges page for prospective and existing customers.

Wessex Water business water customers can browse through the wholesale charges scheme for 2022 to 2023. Wessex Water even keeps records of wholesale charges for recent years, which allows customers to compare prices.

There are a few different ways that non-domestic premises are charged. Business premises that have meters will receive measured rates, and business premises that do not have meters will receive unmeasured rates.

Customers can also read about Wessex Water’s non-household alternative eligible credit support policy and non-household return to sewer allowance policy on the business water charges page.

Business owners can browse through our water efficiency guide to discover how they can decrease their monthly bills without switching suppliers.

Why Switch Commercial Water Suppliers?

So, why would commercial water consumers want to switch suppliers?

Here are the most common reasons why business owners switch suppliers.

  • Social responsibility - More and more business water customers are beginning to care about community engagement and social responsibility. Wessex Water has a Community Fund that ‘supports charitable and community activities which aim to improve the lives of local people.’ By investing in a similar supplier, business owners can make a mark on their own communities.
  • Environmental programmes - With net-zero targets looming, it is no surprise that water suppliers are embedding eco-friendly practices into their day to day operations. Lots of water suppliers understand the importance of safeguarding the environments that they rely on.
  • Unit rates - It is no secret that most commercial water consumers switch suppliers to secure lower unit rates. Low unit rates can make all the difference to monthly bills, especially for business owners that have multiple non-domestic premises. A quick, seamless switch can cut monthly bills by up to 30%.
  • Customer service - Wessex Water business water customers understand the importance of good customer service. When leaks spring and bills arrive at the wrong time, customer service representatives can either quickly fix the problem or ignore it. It pays to find a supplier that cares about customer service.

So, can you switch business water suppliers?

How to Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Switching suppliers used to be impossible. Before April of 2017, business owners were stuck with the water supplier that governed their region. Now, business owners all over the UK have the option to switch suppliers if they are unhappy with their current services.

Lots of commercial water suppliers are worried about switching suppliers. There are a lot of misconceptions about switching. At Love Energy Savings, we make this process as simple as possible. We have helped thousands of business owners make the switch.

Our experts have created a comprehensive, easy-to-use comparison generator. With our generator, business owners do not have to spend hours researching all the suppliers on the market. Our generator is loaded full of the best suppliers on the market.

Business water consumers can simply add their details to the generator, click ‘compare now’, and choose from a long list of suitable suppliers. We will even handle the rest of the process. Business owners should visit our business water page for a full breakdown of the switching process.

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