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Could St Mary's Stadium Become Europe's First LED Lit Sports Arena?

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If you read with interest our feature last month regarding Warwickshire County Cricket Club’s commitment to energy efficiency, then today’s announcement from St Mary’s in Southampton is well worth a read.

The team here at Love Energy Savings was delighted to learn that Warwickshire CCC had decided to invest all the funds it generates through its energy efficiency campaign into local green projects. This news is perhaps equally as significant in terms of how useful it could be for the future of renewable energy in the UK, especially if other football clubs look to emulate their efforts.

Plans for 2014/15 Premier League Season...

Southampton FC will look to start the forthcoming 2014/15 Premier League season with an innovative new LED floodlighting system. At present, the majority of football stadia use traditional metal halide floodlights, which are nowhere near as energy efficient.

If the club manages to implement their plans in time for the new season, then it is thought that they would be able to consider their St. Mary’s stadium as the first LED lit arena in Europe.

The beams of light emitted from such a system would still be as effective as their old counterparts and their suppliers even say that the LED lights make for even better television viewing. The flicker that can often be seen when viewing football on television could also be remedied through the use of LED lights, especially when broadcasters shows slow motion replays, making the implementation of this energy saving technology even more attractive to clubs around the UK.

Hugely Improved Flicker Rate...

To put this into context, Premier League rules currently state that pitches should have a maximum flicker rate of 6%. The new LED lights at St. Mary’s Stadium, if implemented will have a flicker rate of just 0.2% really emphasising how much more efficient the system is.

The success of Southampton FC’s LED Stadium project will surely be a massive step for energy efficiency in UK sport, especially if other clubs look to follow suit. With stadiums such as Old Trafford and The Etihad holding between 60,000 and 76,000 supporters, this could save huge amounts of energy.

Are you affiliated with a sports club or other business which could benefit from adopting a LED lighting system? If so, why not look into implementing this and reap the benefits for your bottom line and of course, the environment? You can learn more about renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Love Energy Savings Energy Guides.


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