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Multi-Site Meters

If you run a business with high energy usage or multiple locations, you may choose to install a multi-site meter.

Energy intensive businesses and those with a number of different sites are often left with multiple energy contracts with varying suppliers and contract end dates. All of this can make it much more time-consuming to manage your business energy.

Here, at Love Energy Savings, we can help you manage your business energy needs with a multi-site contract. Here, you can find whether a multi-site meter is right for your business.

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What is a multi-site meter?

A multi-site meter allows businesses with multiple premises or high usage to manage their energy with one contract.

A multi-site business energy contracts covers the billing for more than one meter, whether at a single premise or multiple location.

Do I need a multi-site meter?

Multi-site energy contracts were designed to help businesses manage their business energy contracts. Businesses with multiple location would be able to better manage their energy with a multi-site meter.

For example, a business may have two offices, with energy contracts ending on different dates. An ideal scenario would be that they end on the same date. This means that the business can negotiate both prices at the same time.

Larger businesses using lots of energy will benefit from a half-hourly meter. These meters take automatic meter readings every 30 minutes and send them to the supplier. This can help a larger business get a handle on their energy consumption. 

Love Energy Savings work on a business’s behalf to get them the best deals. With a multi-site meter contract, there's more room for negotiation as energy is bought in bulk.

What are the benefits of a multi-site meter?

The benefits of a multi-site meter are:

  • Greater management over multiple sites– Whether your business has 2 or 10 locations, a multi-site meter could help you manage your energy more effectively. This makes matters such as renewals easier to deal with.
  • Better management for single large sites– Instead of having several meters on one site, you could get a multi-meter that will cover your whole premises.
  • Further discounts may be available– You can leverage your buying power and get larger discounts when choosing a multi-site meter.

We will gather quotes from a wide selection of energy suppliers. These include both the Big Six and smaller independents. This ensures you are getting the best deal available.

Types of multi-site meter energy contracts

Multi-site meters do not restrict the types of contracts open to business energy. This means that businesses can select a type of contract that suits their needs. The main types of energy contract available are:

Variable-rate contract

The rate you pay for energy may increase or decrease throughout the duration of the contract. The rates depend on how the market is performing at the time. Global events and weather can impact the price of energy. This is a risky tariff as you are not guaranteed the best price per unit (kWh).

28-day contract

28-day contracts are old. Businesses who have not switched their energy since market deregulation may find themselves in this contract. These rates are variable, so the price may increase or decrease from month to month.

Fixed-term contract

Fixed-term contracts allow businesses to lock in the price of their energy. This means the price will not increase throughout the duration of the contract. It’s important to note that businesses won’t pay any less either if the market prices go down.

Rollover contract

A rollover contract happens when businesses do not arrange a new deal before the end of their contract. The business will be signed up for another year on one of the suppliers most expensive rate.

Deemed rate contract

A deemed rate contract is a rolling contract with expensive rates arranged by the suppliers. They are also known as out-of-contract tariffs. This happens when no contract is formally agreed with the business.

Businesses usually select between the two most popular types of contracts, fixed -term and variable.

How to switch to a multi-site contract

At Love Energy Savings, we aim to make the process of switching energy as simple as possible for all businesses. 

You can compare the latest prices online from a wide range of trusted energy suppliers. Once you've selected the best deal for your business, we'll take care of the rest of your switch on your behalf.

Our team will be available to support your business throughout your switch to ensure you can make the most of your energy contract. 

We'll even stay in touch with you once your switch is complete so that you can stay on the right energy contract for your business.

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