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Understanding your Home Electricity Bill

Trying to understand your electricity bill can be a minefield. If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to make sense of it all don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. A standard energy bill for your home should contain the following: 

  • Your supplier contact details.
  • Date of when the energy bill was issued.
  • Billing period, showing the dates the bill refers to.
  • The date and amount of the last payment made from the customer to the supplier.
  • Your customer reference number or account number.
  • The final amount of the electricity you've used in this period before VAT is added.
  • The standard amount of VAT of 5% (and not the usual rate which currently stands at 20%) should be shown separately.
  • The total price of your energy bill; the amount you need to pay your energy supplier.
  • Energy supplier electricity supply number.
  • Your meter point administration number, which you may or may not need should you choose to switch electricity supplier.
  • A detailed breakdown of the electricity used will be shown on the bill. The usage is provided, including the kilowatt hours (kWh) used, the cost per kilowatt hour and the latest meter readings. The bill will also show if the meter readings are estimated or actual.
  • A contact number will be provided on the bill for customers who have specific needs such as large print braille.
  • A payment slip for customers who chose to pay their bill at a bank, post office or by post.
  • The total of your last bill, how much was paid since the last bill, the charges incurred for the period of time including any discounts applicable.
  • The summary will also show the overall amount of debit or credit an account is in. This will only be for information only for Direct Debit customer. 
  • The summary will also show the date the bill should be paid by.

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