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Smart Appliances Given a Boost as Nest Thermostat Hits the Shelves in the UK

Google Nest LES

You may well have read our article regarding the best new smart home appliances. Well the wait is now over, as Google Nest has teamed up with nPower and will be available in the United Kingdom for roughly £179.

Energy and technology enthusiasts will be well aware that Google purchased the home automation company for a figure thought to be in excess of £3.2 billion and have now developed their product and it is ready to be let loose in homes and businesses around the country. Google Nest has been available across the Atlantic for some time and many have been eagerly awaiting the hardware here in the UK.

From last week, consumers have been able to purchase the Nest Thermostat from either the aforementioned price or £249, depending on whether they require the standard or professional installation. nPower’s energy tariffs are part of the package, which is said to be the ultimate advertisement for the ever-popular smart appliance sector. The ability of these devices to grow accustomed to your habits and change your heating for you seems to have gone down very well with the British public.

How Does Google's Nest Work?

The Google Nest works on the principle of ascertaining when you are out of the house or even office, and adjusting your heat settings accordingly. Although most customers will be looking to use the device for their homes, this piece of kit could be ideal when looking to keep costs down in the office; particularly if you are looking to keep the heating off at holiday periods or weekends. Perhaps more crucially, the Nest connects to the internet via your smartphone app and sends you handy usage reports, it can then make recommendations as to how you can save money on your home energy bills.

The delay in getting the Nest rolled out in countries other than the USA and Canada has be widely linked to the differing heating systems in Europe compared to transatlantic nations. We use radiant systems whereas they use forced air across the pond, which caused lots of issues when it came to developing the appliance for our homes. There were also regulatory issues to overcome, which inevitably took a while to overcome.

How Does The Nest Control Your Hot Water?

The Nest controls your hot water through another box by the name of the Heat Link. This is actually attached directly to the boiler and controls the times that it is turned on and off. The Heat Link gets its information from the thermostat and will ensure that heating is only used when absolutely necessary.

Does The Device Replace My Existing Thermostat?

Yep. Using the same wires, the Google Nest will take the place of your existing equipment and modernise the whole affair. If your home is part of the 40% which don’t even have an existing thermostat, then there is nothing to be re-wired; you just plonk it in the most appropriate place and you can even buy a cute little stand for just £29, all you need is a nearby power point.

The Nest has no cooling setting, as is the case with its American counterpart. You simply put the device into a room that a lot of people use and they simply turn the dial up and down depending on whether or not they are too hot and cold. The technology will do the rest and ensure that a comfortable temperature is achieved for all. The state of the art thermostat will even work out how long it takes for your current system to heat up your home and will take the most up to date weather forecasts into account as well, now tell us that isn’t cool!

Other cool features include a green leaf on the display to give you a well-deserved pat on the back if you are saving energy and its sister device, Protect, will duly shut your boiler down if any carbon monoxide emissions are detected. So, other than actually taking a bath for you, it seems the Google Nest’s talents know no bounds.

Can I Install the Nest Myself?

We will leave this for you to decide, but the official line from Nest is no. It is theoretically possible to install the device yourself but on the grounds of safety, it is recommended that you use one of the 200 fully qualified installers across the country. It is important to note however, that Nest have chosen to work with HomeServe, who were fined £30 million not so long ago for range of systemic failings. There is however, a postcode checker on the Nest website where you can find your local installation specialist.

There you have it, Google Nest and all of its let’s face it, pretty incredible capabilities. Whether you decide to go for this bit of kit or not, you can save money on your business or domestic energy by getting in touch with Love Energy Savings team. Our mission is make your life easier and save you cash, so click the banner above to get yourself onto a cheaper tariff in no time.

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