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Dual Fuel Energy Tariffs

What Are The Benefits of Switching?

If you are thinking of switching energy suppliers, choosing a dual fuel energy tariff could help you save money on your bill.

Simply put, a dual fuel energy tariff is when your gas and electricity are both supplied by the same energy tariffs.

Combined gas and electricity tariffs are often seen as more convenient option, as you will only have to deal with one utilities supplier.

At Love Energy Savings, we work with a wide range of energy suppliers giving you access to the best dual fuel deals available.

If you’re ready to switch to dual fuel energy, you can find the cheapest tariffs quickly by using the Love Energy Savings home energy comparison calculator.

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Is a dual fuel energy tariff cheaper?

Switching to a tariff offering combined gas and electricity can often be a cheaper option than choosing separate providers. Some energy suppliers will offer discounts for taking both gas and electricity from them.

This can be done in different ways, including:

  • Cashback for switching to them
  • A percentage off your bill
  • Cheaper energy rates
  • A reduced standing charge (the cost of having a gas and electricity supply)

However, dual fuel tariffs will not always be the cheapest option available and it is important to compare all the offers available to you.

By switching with Love Energy Savings, you can easily compare a huge range of suppliers offering a range of tariffs to quickly find the best home energy deal for you.

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What are the benefits of combined gas and electricity?

Outside of the cost, there are a number of reasons why people choose combined gas and electricity tariffs when switching.

By choosing a dual fuel energy tariff, you can halve the hassle of paperwork and passwords by switching from two separate energy providers to one.

As you’ll be dealing with one energy company, you’ll only have one bill, one online account and one place to send your meter readings.

You’ll also only have one point of contact so if any there are any problems with your energy supply, you’ll only have one company to deal with.

To make things even easier, if you use a smart meter to monitor your usage, you’ll only need one meter for both gas and electricity when you choose a dual fuel tariff.

Is it easy to switch to a dual fuel energy tariff?

Switching to a combined gas and electricity tariff is just as easy as switching to any other tariff.

To start your switch, all you need to know is your address, your supplier, the tariff you are on and your usage. Even if you don’t know your exact usage, the Love Energy Savings comparison tool can estimate this for you.

Then, all you will need to do to complete your switch is:

  • Fill out our free home energy comparison tool
  • Select the dual fuel energy tariff you want to switch to
  • We let your old supplier(s) know you are switching
  • Your new supplier will send you a welcome pack
  • You provide your meter readings and start saving!

Get your quote today by comparing with Love Energy Savings

At Love Energy Savings, our aim is to make it as simple as possible to compare the best electricity and gas prices available.

So why wait? Find out how much you could save today by completing our quick energy comparison calculator.

  • How do I know if I’m on already on a dual fuel energy contract?

    If you get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier, but you’re not sure you’re actually on a dual fuel contract, the easiest way to find is by checking your energy bills.

    If you receive two separate bills for your gas and electricity you will not be on a dual fuel contract. It may be worth comparing dual fuel energy providers to find out if you could save money by combining your gas and electricity bills.

  • Can anyone sign up for a dual fuel contract?

    Any homeowner who uses both mains gas and mains electricity can switch to a dual fuel contract.

    If you only use electricity or use electricity along with oil, solid fuel or bottled gas, you won’t be able to sign up to a dual fuel deal.

  • Will I get the same gas and electricity with dual fuel as I would with a single fuel contract?

    Yes, you will get the same gas and electricity delivered to your home. The only difference will be in the way you are billed for your gas and electricity.

  • Can I get a green dual fuel tariff?

    Yes, you can switch to a dual fuel green energy tariff.

    When choosing a green energy tariff, your supplier will usually match the electricity you use with green energy which is fed into the National Grid. Renewable gas is usually achieved through a mixture of matching the gas you use with green and carbon offsetting.

  • Can I switch to a business dual fuel deal?

    Just like with home energy, you can choose to switch both your gas and electricity to the same business energy supplier.

    Although most suppliers offer business electricity and business gas separately, it may be possible to secure a discount by switching both fuels to one provider.

    At Love Energy Savings, we can help you compare the best business energy tariffs and discover whether it’s cheaper to get your business electricity and gas from one supplier.

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