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Yorkshire Water - Business Water Supplier Reviews, Contact Info, & Pricing 


Yorkshire Water has gained a reputation for being a socially responsible, eco-friendly water supplier. With over 25 years of experience, it has remained active throughout the regulated and deregulated market.

Like many other commercial water suppliers, Yorkshire Water claims to provide its customers with comprehensive, transparent services. But do these claims hold up? Our experts have learned everything that there is to know about Yorkshire Water and its services.

About Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water was first founded in 1973. It supplies water services to over five million households and 140,000 businesses. Domestic and commercial water customers all over Yorkshire rely on Yorkshire Water.

This supplier has a rich history of supporting charitable causes and making an impact on local and international communities. One of the causes that it supports is WaterAid. By 2030, Yorkshire Water hopes to help WaterAid provide clean water, decent toilets, and hygiene knowledge to ‘everyone, everywhere.’ In the past five years, Yorkshire Water has raised over £1 million for clean water needs in Ethiopia.

Prospective Yorkshire Water business water customers can check on this supplier’s performance. This page outlines all the progress that Yorkshire Water has made on its 2020 - 2025 business plan. To create its plan, Yorkshire Water engaged with 30,000 customers and Yorkshire Forum for Water customers to ‘understand individual lifestyles and how they shape what customers want, need, and expect from us.’

Yorkshire Water has created a drainage and wastewater management plan as a responsible supplier. This plan was developed to cope with population growth, adapt to climate change, and make nature-based solutions. Business water customers can read the full plan on the website.

In recent years, the water landscape has changed drastically. Ofwat, the regulator that manages the water market, deregulated the business retail market in April 2017. Business water consumers now have the power to choose whichever water supplier best suits their needs.

Yorkshire Water Contact Information

For any urgent issues you can contact Yorkshire Water at the number below:

Yorkshire Water Phone Number: 0345 1 24 24 24

You can also get in touch with Yorkshire Water through their online contact form, which opens correspondence through email. On the website, they aim to get back to you within 10 working days.

Yorkshire Water Business Water Reviews

Prospective Yorkshire Water business water customers should check online reviews. In our digital world, customers have more power than ever. They can leave online reviews and warn customers about the pitfalls of choosing a certain supplier.

When it comes to choosing a supplier, customer service can make all the difference. Lots of suppliers claim to have excellent customer support but fail to deliver sufficient services. Customer service representatives can help customers when leaks spring and billing errors occur.

Yorkshire Water has 2.2/5 stars on Trustpilot and an average rating of poor. Commercial water customers should remember that both domestic and non-domestic customers leave reviews on this account. 27% of customers think that the services are excellent, whereas 66% of customers think that the services are bad. Positive reviewers mention ‘outstanding’ customer service representatives by name, whereas negative reviewers claim that they would ‘give zero stars’ if they could.

Unlike a lot of business water supplies, Yorkshire Water does not reply to reviews on Trustpilot.

Yorkshire Water Average Business Water Prices

Water suppliers are in constant competition with each other, and it is no secret that commercial water consumers are always looking for the cheapest rates possible. It is normal for water suppliers to display their charges on their websites.

Yorkshire Water business water customers can browse through the water charges on the website. The wholesale charges page features detailed documents that reveal non-domestic wholesale charges for the current and previous years.

Properties that have meters will receive measured charges and properties that do not have meters will receive unmeasured charges.

Yorkshire Water Commercial Water Services

The deregulation of the water market has changed the water landscape. Before deregulation, business owners had to accept the charges and regulations set out by the suppliers in their regions.

Now, there are water wholesalers and water suppliers. Wholesalers are responsible for sourcing and supplying the water, and retailers are responsible for customer-facing activities. Retailers buy water from wholesalers and add a small percentage on top of the wholesale costs to cover these extra services. Retailers can find everything they need to know about this process on the website.

Commercial water consumers all over Yorkshire depend on this supplier for seamless services. There is not a lot of information about business water services on the website, but there are a few other helpful links.

Existing customers can browse through the business customer hub for impartial advice about common problems as well as helpful switching advice. Commercial customers can also read all about Yorkshire Water’s water efficiency advice.

Interested in reducing wastewater consumption on your non-domestic property? Read our full guide for tips and tricks.

Why Switch Commercial Water Suppliers?

Water suppliers understand the changing nature of the water market. Lots of suppliers are quick to make bold claims about their services, customer support practices, and environmental programmes. When suppliers fail to fulfil their claims, businesses suffer.

So, why switch to commercial water suppliers?

  • Environmental involvement - Business owners all over the UK are switching suppliers to support eco-friendly programmes. Water suppliers are in a unique position in that they rely directly on natural environments for their services. To ensure the longevity of these sources, lots of suppliers invest in environmental programmes that aim to protect natural landscapes.
  • Customer service support - When problems arise, customer service support staff can either solve or inflate the problem. It pays to have knowledgeable, friendly support staff on standby. This is especially true for startups that need to iron out problems before they lose money.
  • Business water charges - Yorkshire Water business water customers understand the importance of competitive charges. When it comes to creating charges, suppliers have to follow the guidelines set out by Ofwat. Other than that, they have complete control over their charges. Even the smallest changes can create big differences in monthly bills.
  • Transparency - In the deregulated market, it has never been easier to find a transparent supplier. However, some suppliers are more transparent than others. We encourage business owners to shop around to find a commercial water supplier that meets their expectations. Whether it be more accessible links or a wider range of contact options, there is a water supplier that meets every kind of business need.

How to Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Switching suppliers might seem impossible. Business owners have lots of day-to-day tasks to accomplish to keep their companies running. When they are not working on customer acquisition they have to think about marketing campaigns and product development. Commercial water bills are often the last things on their minds.

At Love Energy Savings, we take the stress away from switching. We have helped thousands of commercial water consumers switch to a more suitable supplier. A hassle-free switching process starts with our comparison generator. This generator eliminates the time and stress that comes with researching all the suppliers on the market. Business water consumers do not have to spend hours surveying the market - our comparison generator does all the hard work for them.

Visit our business water page for more information about our switching service.

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