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Switch business water suppliers and start saving on your bills

It has never been easier to compare water suppliers and fix your retail fees for up to 3 years! Protect your business from future price increases.

Switch Water Suppliers

Trustpilot rating, 5 stars based on 18,000 reviews

We can provide quick, easy and exclusive business water rates


    Get a quote with no obligation 


    We do all the hard work to save your business money 

  • SAVE

    Up to £450 off your business water bill

Save money with competitive business water rates

It is easy to compare business water suppliers, and we have an exclusive partnership with the water retailer Everflow. This means we can offer favourable business water rates not available anywhere else, even when you go direct to the retailer. 

We know that all businesses are different. We work with each business to understand individual needs. This helps us provide the best deals and services for both small and larger businesses.

Find a great water deal

Why switch business water suppliers

It is easy to compare water suppliers. Our customers can save up to £450 on their annual bill. Many small businesses are unaware that they can switch water suppliers and are no longer bound by the area they're located in.

This opens up a lot of opportunities for cheaper business water rates, better customer service and simple billing.

Switch Water Suppliers

With Love Energy Savings you can...

Consolidate multiple business premises into one water bill

If your business has multiple locations in various regions, you will be well aware of the frustration of dealing with more than one water retail supplier.

You can switch water supplier for your whole business by requesting consolidated billing.  This ensures all your commercial premises are billed collectively.

Lets us help you start dealing with just one water supplier and start saving time and money.

Save money on commercial water and sewerage costs

Since the water market opened, reports suggest that companies have enjoyed savings of up to 12% on their business water rates. 

It makes sense for all companies operating in England and Scotland to explore the business water supplier available to see how much can be saved.

We can help you find the best water deal for you and your business in your area.

Protect your business with fixed-rate tariffs

To help you protect your pocket from rising interest rates, we can fix your retail business water rates for up to three years. With a predictable direct debit, it makes planning cash flow much easier.

Once we have discussed options best suited to your business, it only takes a few minutes to start the switching process. We will get in touch with both your existing and new business water supplier with all the details to ensure there's a smooth transition.

If you require a new water meter, we will arrange an installation date best suited to you. We may ask you to take a meter reading to ensure we're providing you with accurate quotes.

Get Free Water Audit to reduce your costs

A water audit offers a strategic and overall view of how your company uses water. A report will be presented with steps that can be taken to reduce the cost of your water bill by improving water efficiency.

A comprehensive water audit usually includes:

  • Sanitary checks 
  • Usage and consumption efficiency checks 
  • Drainage checks 
  • Return to sewer
  • Ensuring you have an efficient water meter

Find out how to conduct a business water audit here. 

If you spend over £1,000 on your annual business water bill, we will provide this service free of charge when you switch business water with us. 

UK business water rates 2023

We’ve gathered information on the latest business water rates from GOV.UK. These business water rates are the default measured rates for 2023. 


Default Water Supplier 

Water price (£) per cubic meter 

Wastewater price (£) per cubic meter

United Utilities 

Water Plus 



Yorkshire Water 

Business Stream 



Northumbria Water 




Anglian Water




Severn Trent Water 

Water Plus



Thames Water

Castle Water



Southern Water 

Business Stream 



Wessex Water 

Water 2 Business



South East Water 

Source for Business



Every April, the water regulator Ofwat reviews business water rates against multiple factors including wholesale water prices. 

There are multiple layers to the business water market that often cause some confusion.

These are broken down to your wholesale business water rates, impacting 12 regional companies (the ones we’re all familiar with in the left column of the table); and these price increases will impact the businesses operating in the UK even if they recognise their business water supplier as one of the names in the second column of the table.  

When wholesale business water rates are increased for each region, these will be passed through the supplier and down to your business. 

What if you have never switched business water suppliers? 

This is common. Most business owners in the UK are not aware that they can switch suppliers to save money. Despite the deregulation of the market in 2017, the switching market is still in its infancy in terms of both awareness and growing competition. 

Most companies in the UK are paying out-of-contract rates with a default water supplier. Switching can save you around 12% on your business water bills on average. 

What is the difference between business water and domestic? 

Despite being connected to the same regional water network, the business water market operates in a very different way. As business water has been deregulated, companies can switch to a new supplier that is offering them cheaper water rates. The household water market is still regulated, and they cannot switch. 

How do I compare business water rates? 

We’ll provide you with an exclusive business water quote in as little as 60 seconds using our engine. All you need is some basic business information:

  • Business name 
  • Company address
  • SPID number (Supply Point Identification Number) 
  • Contact details 

Your SPID number is usually on all your business water bills. 

Switch Water Suppliers

Who is the best business water supplier? 

Since deregulation, many water suppliers have entered the market. This has created a lot of competition in the market which means better service and prices for UK businesses. 

It is difficult to give the crown of the best business water supplier as there are many factors to consider including customer service, price and other important credentials. 

Here's a short list of the top-rated business water suppliers on Trustpilot.

  1. Everflow Water - great business water supplier for SMEs, fastest growing UK water supplier and rated Excellent on Trustpilot. 
  2. Castle Water - versatile water supplier and rated Excellent on Trustpilot.
  3. United Utilities - the best traditional water supplier, rated 3.8 'Great' on Trustpilot.

Which business water suppliers can I switch to? 

Since the market went through deregulation, you are no longer tied to your regional water provider. Here, you can find a list of commercial water suppliers operating in England and Scotland. 

 bristol water

Bristol Water is one of the oldest established suppliers on the market. Business owners who appreciate eco-friendly practices, transparent prices, and friendly customer support representatives should consider Bristol Water.

affinity water

Affinity Water became active on the market in October, 2012. This business water supplier is owned by a consortium of long-term investors including the Allianz Group, HICL, and DIF. It supplies 950 million litres of water every single day to over 78,000 business consumers.


Anglian Water business water serves a large number of companies in England and Wales. This company was first founded in 1989 and is now the largest fresh water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographical area.

Cambridge Water

Cambridge Water business water is just one of the options available to savvy business owners. Cambridge Water was first founded in 1853. It is one of the longest-standing commercial water suppliers that is still active on the market.

Essex and Suffolk Water


Essex and Suffolk Water is a relative newcomer to the water market. This commercial water supplier was first founded in 1994 and had headquarters in Durham.

Scottish Water

Scottish Water business water is ahead of the competition. It created Business Stream, the first water retailer on the market when it was deregulated.  This is especially useful for small, medium, and large businesses that need tailored support.

Welsh Water

Dŵr Cymru is better known as Welsh Water. It was founded in 1989. Business owners in Wales can only switch suppliers if their premises use more than 50 million litres of water per year. This is equivalent to roughly 400 domestic properties. 

Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water was founded in 1989. Commercial water consumers will be happy to discover that Severn Trent Water believes in affordable water. This business water supplier has created tailored tips for gardeners, farmers, households, and businesses. 

United Utilities 

United Utilities was founded in 1995. This supplier offers a wide range of business services. United Utilities caters to business, charity, and public sector organisations. It provides fresh water and wastewater services to millions of non-domestic consumers in England. 

Thames Water

Thames Water is one of the most well-recognised water suppliers in the UK. This supplier, which draws its name from the source of its water, was founded in 1989. Over 15 million domestic and commercial water consumers rely on Thames Water. That is an astounding 27% of the population, which makes Thames Water the UK’s largest water supplier!

Southern Water

Southern Water was first founded in 1989. This business water supplier ensures water for life, together. Southern Water business water customers can expect environmentally-friendly practices. This supplier has lots of sustainability branches, including climate change programmes and integrated water cycle management.

Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water was first founded in 1973. It supplies water services to over five million households and 140,000 businesses. Like lots of other commercial water suppliers, Yorkshire Water claims to provide its customers with comprehensive, transparent services. 

Everflow Water

Everflow Water was first launched in 2015 and has since amassed hundreds of thousands of customers. It focuses on providing SMEs across the UK with ‘environmentally-friendly water supply services.’ It also aims to ‘make utilities simple’, which is a green flag for commercial water consumers who want to spend more time on customer procurement and other necessities.  

Castle Water

Castle Water was founded in 2014. This relatively new independent retailer claims to be the leading commercial water supplier in the UK. It was made with a clear vision: to create ‘an independent water retailer providing excellent water service at the best possible price.’ More than 350,000 business water consumers in the UK rely on Castle Water.

Business Stream Logo

Business Stream was the first water retailer to operate in the open market and now works over 300,000 large and small businesses across the UK. They aim to provide a seamless service with insight-driven solutions to water supply.

Wave Utilities logo

Wave Utilities was formed from two regional water suppliers, Anglian Water Business and NWG Business. They now work with over 300,000 businesses across the UK aiming to help them drive down water use and lower utility bills.

Yu Water

Yü Water is a part of Yu Energy. CEO Bobby Kalar created Yu Energy with a vision in mind. Bobby ran a care home business and soon became frustrated by poor customer services and inflated prices from his water supplier. 

Yü Water business water customers can expect tailored services. This commercial water supplier delivers fresh water and wastewater services to over 20,000 non-domestic customers in the UK. 

What you should know about wastewater management

Wastewater is not included in your business water switch. It is a fixed charge.

This is water that exits your premises into the drains and the sewerage system using a network of sewerage service pipes, cleaning and returning it to rivers and the sea. 

Water and wastewater services are charged separately because it is more expensive to provide wastewater services than it is to deliver water to your business premises. You can find both charges displayed on your water bill.

Our team of experts will help you understand Wastewater Management. From your impact on the environment to the charges on your bill. Click the button below to get started.

Get started with wastewater


Waste water going down a drain

Still not sure about switching water?

Join over 400,000 happy customers who saved on their business utility bills

Business Water FAQs

  • How long does it take to switch business water?

    It takes about 28 days to switch water provider. This includes a ‘cooling off’ period from your previous retailer. It may take a little longer if your business requires a new water meter. You should take a meter reading before switching supplier to ensure everything goes smoothly.

  • Will my water supply cut off whilst switching?

    No. You’re only switching the retailer who manages your billing. The supply at your business address and the pipes will remain the same.

  • Does it cost to switch business water supplier?

    Switching your business water supplier is free. You may have to pay an early exit fee to your current supplier if your contract is not ending.

  • Will I get a discount for paying my water bill via direct debit?

    Some business water retail services may offer a discount for direct debit payments.

  • Can I Switch Business Water Suppliers If I'm Still In Contract?

    You may need to pay an early exit fee if you switch business water suppliers when in a contract. However, you can still compare business water rates to see if the savings outweigh the exit fees. 

    Business water rates are less volatile than other utility markets so locking in your business water rates in advance of your contract end date is often a good idea.

  • What Is A Supply Point Identification Number?

    A SPID number is a ten-digit code that helps locate your business water supply. This is used universally by all water suppliers to identify your business and its location. 

    This number will always be the same even when you switch business water suppliers. This ensures you're paying for your water supply and nobody else's. You can find your SPID on your water bill. 

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