Save money by switching your water supplier

Great news for businesses throughout the UK - you can now shop around for water suppliers and find a better deal!

As of 1st April 2017, UK laws changed to gives businesses, charities and public-sector organisations more power when it comes to paying for their water supply - putting an end to being locked into costly contracts.

At Love we’re committed to helping you find the best deal for your business - take a look at the benefits of our service below:

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  • Low prices

    One of the reasons why businesses can now enjoy cheaper water rates is because you get to pay wholesale prices - no hidden extras and no additional costs. Since the water markets opened in Scotland, reports suggest that companies have enjoyed savings of up to 12% on their bills. To find the best deal for your area, simply contact us for a quote and we’ll search the market for you.

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  • Fixed rates for up to 3 years

    We want you to enjoy the best deal possible, so to help you protect your pocket from rising interest rates, we can fix your water bill for up to 3 years. Speak to one of friendly team to find out more.

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  • Set up takes just 5 minutes

    Once we have your details and confirmed the best deal for you, set up only takes a few minutes. We’ll also liaise with your existing supplier to ensure a smooth transition. Simple, straightforward and easy - that’s the Love Water Savings way!

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  • Multiple sites - one bill

    Rather than swamp your head office with lots of separate invoices, we’ll simplify the paperwork for you and add multiple sites to one bill - even if your premises are in different counties across the country.

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  • Water audits

    Some businesses in the UK have been overcharged by up to 65% on their water bills in the past because of a regional lottery on location and size of premises. To ensure you pay the right rates, we can provide you with a comprehensive water audit that includes:

    • Sanitary checks
    • Usage and consumption
    • Drainage
    • Return to sewer

    If you spend over £1,000 on your annual water bill, we will provide this service free of charge.

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  • You’ll make a difference to other people's lives

    By choosing to switch your water supply through Love Water Savings, you’ll be helping to change the lives of many people throughout the world. For every 250 customers who switch with us, we’ll build a well in a developing country, so they can enjoy fresh water too.

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“We think it’s fantastic that businesses now have greater power over their utility bills. We’ve helped thousands of clients throughout the UK make huge savings on gas and electric, and we look forward to helping them save even more money on their water bills.”

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