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Your Guide to Independent Energy Suppliers

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We’re committed to providing our customers with the full range of business energy tariffs available to them in order to find the best possible deal on their business electricity and business gas bills.

While The Big Six still hold a majority market share, it’s important that business energy customers are aware of independent energy suppliers too. Quite often, the independent energy suppliers offer great deals that are sometimes overlooked.

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What is an independent energy supplier?

An independent energy supplier is not a member or subsidiary of The Big Six, namely: British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power, EDF Energy, EON and npower.

Independent suppliers tend to run a smaller operation than their Big Six counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide your business with a good deal. In fact, many of the independent suppliers tend to offer lower prices, flexible tariffs and better customer service than some of their larger competitors.

Many independent energy suppliers will position themselves to offer great deals to smaller businesses.

The market share of independent suppliers has been steadily increasing for years, demonstrating that, for many energy customers, they are a preferred choice to traditional options.

What are the benefits of an independent energy supplier?

Small energy companies are great for offering a great customer service experience. Usually, they cannot rely on their brand reputation. This means that customer service and great energy prices are crucial to success. It also means they can offer things that the big providers can’t, such as digital-only service or 100% renewable energy. However, it should be noted that some larger energy suppliers are starting to catch up with digital services.

Despite there being a wide selection of smaller energy providers, the majority of people in the UK shy away from independent companies and remain with The Big Six. However, switching your tariff to a small energy provider could save you money on your business gas and electricity bills.

Small energy companies often offer some of the cheapest energy rates on the market, including great electricity prices for small businesses. Not only that, but these smaller companies are also known to have some of the best customer service ratings in the UK. The 2018 Which? Energy survey results revealed that independent suppliers score highly with UK consumers, whilst the highest-ranking member of the Big Six is SSE falling in at No.22. 

Which independent suppliers are best for business customers?

We work with a wide range of independent suppliers for both home and business customers, all of which can be viewed here. We have exclusive deals in place with a range of energy suppliers, so when switching your gas and electricity with us, you can switch with confidence.

There's no shortage of energy companies to choose from. However, we've put together this guide to help get to know some of the UK's best small energy suppliers.

Dual Energy

Championing a “smarter future for energy”, Dual is leading the way in smart meter billing and installations. Smart Meters lie right at the heart of their business model and they are working closely with the government to ensure that the target of every business in the UK having a Smart Meter installed by 2020 is reached. Read our Guide to Smart Meters to understand more about these devices.

Alongside their advocacy of smart billing, Dual also boasts low prices and are committed to becoming a viable alternative to The Big Six. They exclusively offer a three-year fixed contract, plus an Annual Price Review to business energy customers, allowing you to plan for the future and budget accordingly.

You can read more about Dual Energy and their gas and electricity tariffs here.


Established back in 1994, CNG is still going strong 25 years later. Not only do they promise to help businesses save money on their gas bills but they’re also committed to helping customers cut their carbon emissions, too.

For businesses who want to work with an ethical company, you can’t get much better than CNG. Their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is something they take very seriously, especially when it comes to local people and communities.

Not only do they work with their local radio station to share their vast energy knowledge on a weekly basis, but they’ve also designed a three-part lesson plan for KS2 (years 7 - 11) students set out to improve their understanding of how the energy market works.

You can read more about CNG and their gas and electricity tariffs here.

Bristol Energy

Based in Bristol, this supplier started out small but now provides home and business energy nationwide. Bristol Energy is owned by Bristol City Council, who use the money customers pay for their energy to help local communities.

Both business and residential customers can choose 100% green energy tariffs with Bristol Energy so you can run a more sustainable home or business. Plus, Bristol Energy believes in transparency with their customers, which is why they pass on any savings they make from purchasing energy.

Bristol Energy has become the first UK supplier to trial a new ‘heat as a service’ proposal. Rather than selling energy as kWh, this scheme allows customers to control their heating through smart home technology - giving them the power to pay for different levels of warmth and comfort.

You can find out more about Bristol Energy and their gas and electricity tariffs here.

Octopus Energy

Back in 2016, Octopus Energy was formed with the goal to shake up the status quo of the energy industry and offer customers energy that benefits the environment and their wallets.

Since then, they’ve picked up 30,000 customers a month on average and now supply energy to over 400,000 homes and businesses.

Octopus Energy strives to make switching suppliers as easy as possible for their customers. By switching to Octopus, customers will not need to be visited by engineers or suffer from any disruption to their supply. Customers will never be charged an exit fee if they wish to switch back to their old supplier and Octopus will manage contact between suppliers.

They have even partnered with digital banking firm Monzo, allowing customers to switch energy supplier directly through the bank’s app. 

You can read more about Octopus Energy and their gas and electricity tariffs here.

Yorkshire Gas and Power

Founded back in 2009, Yorkshire Gas and Power supply commercial gas and electricity to England, Scotland and Wales. YGP offers a number of services to business energy customers, providing highly flexible pricing and billing options to give you total control over your business energy bills.  

Yorkshire Gas and Power has one simple goal - to provide outstanding levels of customer service to businesses in the UK. They believe that by maintaining the highest levels of customer care that they will one day rival the Big Six.

You can read more about Yorkshire Gas and Power and their gas and electricity tariffs here.

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