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The problem with wind turbines, is that they are just too noisy. Add to that the fact that many consider them to be somewhat of an eyesore and you have the main reasons why their implementation in the United Kingdom has been so problematic.

This has led to the Conservatives vowing to abandon onshore wind farms in the unlikely event that they win the next general election. And, just to throw a spanner in the works, the recent storms resulted in record levels of power being generated from hydro and wind power.

Large, horizontal axis wind turbines are the ones that you will find in some areas of the UK countryside and in our waters, but there are actually small, vertical axis versions available which could well be used in our villages, towns and cities. Although the power output is inevitably a lot lower, many believe these to be far more efficient and due to their small size, noise is far less of an issue. So, could these smaller wind turbines provide the solution to what has become a widely debated issue in the UK energy sector?

Liam F1 Wind Turbine Could Create 1,500 kWh Per Year...

The Archimedes is a new renewable energy start up from Holland which is looking to solve the aforementioned problems with successfully implementing wind turbines in built up areas. They have created a small wind turbine which is almost completely silent and more efficient that its comparatively colossal counterparts, the turbines we see in rural areas and in the ocean. The Archimedes has stated that the turbine, which goes by the name of the Liam F1, has the potential to generate 1,500 kWh of energy every year for any households embracing the technology; this is on the basis of wind speeds being at 5m/s. This would account for around half of the average UK families energy use.

It is thought then when the Liam F1 is used in conjunction with photovoltaic solar panels or similar devices, homes could be run with no dependence whatsoever on the grid. Between the two, energy can be produced in the summer when it is hot and sunny and the winter when it is windy. Indeed, the winter storms did have the silver lining of producing high levels of energy through wind turbines across the UK.

Harness 80% Of The Wind's Potential Energy...

The Liam F1’s blades are ingeniously designed similarly to that of a Nautilus Shell. This means that they are pointed into the wind, which means the maximum amount of energy is harnessed and minimal levels of sound are recorded. There would usually be a difference in pressure from behind rotor blades compared to in front but this new design eliminates this issue. The result is 80% of the potential energy from the wind actually being realised and the benefits are passed on to the home in question.


The Archimedes is now working on developing even smaller versions of the turbine which could fit onto structures such as LED powered lampposts. These could then be independently powered and save significant amounts of power for local governments and communities.

We would love to hear your thoughts regarding the Liam F1 wind turbine from The Archimedes. Leave your thoughts below and remember that you can find out more about the home and business energy sector by taking a look through our Energy Guides and the rest of our News Centre.