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Who are the best energy suppliers in 2023?

If you’re thinking of switching your energy supplier, you may be wondering which companies will provide you with the best service.

Here at Love Energy Savings, we make it easy for our customers to compare the best energy prices and we want to make it just as simple to find the best service.

Our list of trusted energy suppliers includes customer ratings, allowing you to quickly find the latest reviews for a range of suppliers.

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How can I compare the best energy suppliers?

It can be difficult to know where to start when you are searching for the best overall energy company for you.

Fortunately, Which? carry out an annual UK energy satisfaction survey of more than 8,000 customers to determine the best energy suppliers on the market.

Here, we examine which energy companies received the best feedback in areas including their bill accuracy and clarity, and their customer service and complaints handling.

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The best energy companies for customer service

For most of us, customer service is one of the most important things to consider when switching supplier.

Octopus Energy was the only energy company to score 5 stars for their customer service. The lowest rated supplier was Green Stary Energy who scored just 2 stars.

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The Best Energy Suppliers For Complaints Handling

Whenever we have an issue with our energy it’s important to be able to find a quick resolution with the energy provider.

Both Octopus Energy and Bulb Energy scored 5 stars for their complaints handling in the Which? Energy Survey.

The Best Energy Suppliers For Bill Accuracy And Clarity

In recent years, energy companies have made efforts to simplify bills to make it easier for customers to find the information they need.

The Which? Energy Survey rated energy companies out of 5 stars on their bill accuracy and bill clarity with Octopus Energy rated as the best energy supplier with 5 stats for bill accuracy and 4 stars for bill clarity.

Who came out on top as the best energy supplier overall?

The four leading energy suppliers according to the Which? Energy Survey are:

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy came out as a clear winner in the Which? Energy Survey with an overall customer score of 83%.

They also picked up 5-star ratings bill accuracy, customer service, and complaints handling with a procedures and practices score of 82%.

Ebico Energy

Ebico Energy, the UK’s first not-for-profit gas and electricity provider, ranked second overall with a customer score of 79%.

They scored 5 stars in bill accuracy with a four-star rating in bill clarity, customer service, digital tools, and value for money. 

Bulb Energy

Renewable energy company Bulb came in third just one percent behind Ebico Energy in the overall ratings.

Along with a customer score of 78%, Bulb scored five stars in bill accuracy and complaints handling with a procedures and practices score of 80%

Pure Planet

Pure Planet, a green energy provider offering 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas, ranked fourth in the Which? Energy Survey.

They achieved an overall customer score of 78% with a 5-star rating in bill accuracy and 4-star ratings in bill clarity, digital tools, and value for money.

Octopus Energy came out on top as the best energy supplier for the second year running with an overall customer score of 83%.

Ebico was rated second overall with a 79% customer score. They were closely followed by both Bulb Energy and Pure Planet who were just one percentage point behind on 78%.

The top five rated energy suppliers were:

  1. Octopus Energy
  2. Ebico
  3. Bulb Energy
  4. Pure Planet
  5. People’s Energy

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What Does This Mean When It Comes To Choosing Your Energy Supplier?

Once again, smaller independent suppliers were all ranked towards the top of the Which? Energy Survey.

The traditional ‘big 6’ suppliers struggled in comparison with SSE the best rated large energy supplier with an overall customer score of 61%.

Since competition in the UK’s energy market was opened up, a number of smaller energy suppliers have challenged the big six and now regularly appear as some of the best rated suppliers on the market.


How To Compare The Best Energy Suppliers

Finding the right energy supplier for you can change on whether you are looking for the cheapest tariff, the best service ratings or even a green energy supplier.

With so many energy suppliers now available, finding the best deal can seem like a time-consuming process.

That’s why at Love Energy Savings, we’ve made it easy for you to compare energy suppliers with our trusted energy suppliers table. Here, you can find supplier reviews as well as information on each supplier listed including their history, any awards they have won and their green performance.

If you’d like to quickly compare the best energy tariffs, you use our energy comparison tool and make the switch to cheaper energy.

Energy Supplier FAQs

  • How Do I Switch Energy Suppliers?

    Switching energy suppliers with Love Energy Savings is simple. All you need to do is compare energy suppliers using our comparison tool and select the tariff you’d like to switch to.

    The energy experts at Love Energy Savings will then handle the process of your switch including getting you set up with your new supplier and letting your current supplier know you will be switching.

  • How Long Does It Take To Switch Energy Suppliers?

    The process of switching your energy supplier should take no longer than 21 days (including a 14-day cooling off period).

  • Will Switching Energy Suppliers Save Me Money?

    At Love Energy Savings, 51% of domestic customers save at least £253 on their energy bills.

    The amount you could save will depend on how much you are currently paying for your energy and the gas and electricity available to you.

    The quickest way to discover how much you could save is to compare home energy prices with Love Energy Savings.

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