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In response to the 'Big Six' and their domination of the energy industry, a number of smaller independent suppliers are emerging. Bristol Energy are one of them, bringing gas and electricity to homes and businesses across the country in a new way.

Catering to the city of Bristol and the surrounding area, Bristol Energy specialises in developing new products to meet the individual needs of its customers. Whether that means a monthly tariff or pay-as-you-go deal, they strive to always find the cheapest one for you.

Bristol Energy do things differently

What sets independent suppliers apart from the well-established ones is that they truly are shaking things up in the energy market. Many of these suppliers are focusing more on people and their communities, giving back to the public, and changing the way that the energy industry is perceived.

But what else makes Bristol Energy stand out?

  • • They aim to combat fuel poverty by providing fair prices to all
  • • Sustainability is a top priority; Bristol Energy have worked hard to increase low-carbon energy generation in Bristol. Eventually the company wants to manage a district energy network to provide more efficient power
  • • They reinvest their profits into locally generated renewable energy and the surrounding community
  • • Not only do they want to provide low prices to all their customers, they want to help them use far less energy in the first place

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