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Ecotricity is a unique energy supplier in the fact that it was the very first green energy provider on the planet.

When these guys started to offer their green energy products back in the 1990’s, people weren’t really sure what they were, such as the innovation that was involved. Now, Ecotricity is Britain’s leading green energy supplier.

Ecotricity also started the Green Electricity Movement, which is now in operation all around the world. This energy supplier set out a goal of changing the way that electricity is used and made in this country and nearly two decades on; that is exactly what they are doing.

Ecotricity provide home electricity and gas to UK consumers on a rolling basis only. In the interests of simplicity, they only offer one simple tariff for their gas and electricity, which means there isn’t the usual minefield of options to wade for. They provide paperless billing and accept payment by monthly direct debit.

Traditional & Renewable Energy Sources

Both Ecotricity's tariffs are from green and renewable sources, though one is topped up by traditional energy sources.

The guys inevitably invest heavily in renewable infrastructure. In 2007 this was cited as £555 per customer, by contrast SSE invested on average £10 per customer. In addition to this, they even have a product whereby you can power our home and your hybrid or electric car as part of the same package. Just ask your Love Energy Savings account manager for more information regarding this intriguing home energy alternative contract.

Ecotricity are also strongly backing 'gasmills' to create green sources of gas using alternative sources such as gas producing algea.

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Ecotricity could well be the best option for your home energy needs, but this will depend on a number of factors such as locale. The quickest way for you to determine this is to perform a free, no obligation comparison using the Love Energy Savings engine.

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If you wish to learn more about the ever-evolving home energy industry, a great source of information is the Love Energy Savings News Centre.  This is updated daily by the domestic and commericial energy experts here at Love Energy Savings. We have also created a series of Energy Guides in our Help Centre, which can also be very useful when you are looking to make an informed choice regarding your energy needs.

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