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While the so-called ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers still dominate the industry, a clutch of smaller, localised electricity and gas providers have risen in recent years, and they’ve really stirred up some healthy competition!

Future Energy is a great example of this. Based in the North East of England, the company has taken a three-pronged approach to help people in the region save money on their energy bills. They promise to:

  • • Offer low prices
  • • Ensure that bills are transparent
  • • Offer expert tips to help customers become more energy efficient

Additionally, Future Energy gives customers free smart meters, enabling them to monitor their energy consumption and pinpoint areas of the home where power is being wasted. You can read more about the benefits of smart metering here.

Why switch to Future Energy?

Future Energy breaks its energy tariffs down and presents them at a granular level. In doing so, you are able to see where your money is going.

The company is very much attune to what is happening in the local area and routinely uses a proportion of its profits to support community projects. Future Energy also makes a conscious effort to help more vulnerable members of society to manage their energy consumption and keep costs down.

The whole thing started with a survey of households in the North East, with the organisation coming to the conclusion that people were paying around £300 too much for their energy each year. Off the back of this, the firm pledged to offer a “fair price” for gas and electricity - one that is comparable to the best prices on the market. These prices are then reviewed by Future Energy twice a year, with any subsequent savings being passed on to customers.

How do I switch to Future Energy?

At Love Energy Savings, we go out of our way to give you options and save you money. Once you’ve entered your postcode into the box to the right of this page, you’ll be presented with a list of the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs available. This takes less than 90 seconds.

Once you’ve chosen a deal that you like the look of - whether that’s through Future Energy or any other supplier - we will then set the wheels in motion on your switchover. The switching process has become much quicker in recent years and we’ll take care of things for you from start to finish, keeping you up to date throughout.

Our support doesn’t stop there, though. We’ve also created a multitude of useful Guides to help you curb your energy consumption, while our News section is awash with informative articles that offer expert money-saving tips.

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