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Iresa Limited was born under the premise that the average energy customer should not be paying more for their energy than they need to. Director Adeniyi Oladeji founded the company with a few core values in mind:

  • • Integrity
  • • Passion for the customers and people
  • • Measure success through sustainable customer satisfction and energy affordability

Adeniyi realised that the people who pay the highest amount for their energy are often those who cannot afford to – and with this the Iresa Limited business model was created.

Introducing technology that reduces operational costs and passes subsequent savings down to the customer, Adeniyi landed upon his vision for the company.

Low energy consumers

Iresa Limited understands that customers who use minimal energy often end up paying a fixed rate for resources they don’t use.

Using publicly-available data, Iresa Limited has been able to track the energy consumed by the average household - the average usage is 12,500 kWh of gas and 3,100 kWh of electricity.

Closer studies of this market segment revealed that the majority of people in this category were young professionals, single and usually living away from home. Using these variables, Iresa Limited can single out customers and offer them something more tailored (as opposed to other companies that wouldn’t necessarily account for such differences between high and low energy consumers).

Energy with Iresa Limited

Unlike some other energy providers, the mission at Iresa Limited is to create their own technology. This allows the company to manufacture its own products at their HQ, keeping a close eye on quality control to ensure that you’re getting the most superior energy solutions possible.

It also ensures that the vision of Iresa Limited is maintained and can continue looking out for the customer’s value for money. Simply put - introducing their own technology cuts costs, with the customer being the ultimate beneficiary.

It is Adeniyi’s personal point of pride that he can effectively put extra pounds into his customers’ pockets so they can use the money on things other than energy.

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