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In 2011, Octopus Energy came to the fore after successfully building their first solar generation plant.

153 more would soon follow, and as the company grew into the UK’s largest investor in solar farms, a real success story began to unfold. Octopus Energy are a prime example of an energy company with industry-leading credentials, offering you renewable energy at affordable prices.

What Octopus Energy Believes In

Founded upon sustainability and value for money, Octopus Energy are spearheading a new approach within the energy industry.

With a distaste for unfair contracts that lock the customer in, Octopus Energy have introduced transparent price plans which lay out the details clearly for you to see. The bills make sense, so you see where your money is actually going.

They are also doing away with the usual business models used by many other providers. When you get in touch with Octopus Energy, you won’t have to endure long-distance calls to call centres, or be bombarded with letters from the company. Instead, with a fresh and invigorating business model coming into play, Octopus Energy places the customer in control.

With a reliable support system that is active 24/7, there will always be someone to assist you.

Why choose Octopus Energy?

They are quickly building a reputation for themselves as a leading investor in UK solar farms (as well as having 66 projects in France). Currently, the farms Octopus Energy have invested in generate around 40% of the UK’s large-scale solar resources. This is enough to heat up over a quarter of a million homes!

The company is growing alongside the demand for solar - renewable energy is increasingly becoming the first port of call for homeowners and businesses alike. Get in touch with Octopus Energy; they’re a customer-focused energy provider who simply believe that energy could be done better.

Other investments:

  • • Wind generation – making the most of the windy weather and converting it into energy.
  • • Anaerobic digestion plants - using the natural breakdown of plant waste to make electricity, this is true green energy at work, making the most of renewable materials to fuel your building.
  • • ‘Rapid Response’ gas generation - this is needed to plug the gap when there’s no wind or sun.

Octopus Energy are not only investing in future successes for the company, but also for the wellbeing of planet Earth. Their passion for sustainability shines through, and is reflected in the investments made.

Octopus Energy tariffs

The company offers a 100% renewable energy green tariff, and in every sense of the word they stay true to their vision. The Green Octopus Tariff covers all bases, keeping costs down without sacrificing the environment.

One of the main issues for homeowners and businesses is that renewable energy is just too expensive, and this rings true with many providers. With Octopus Energy, you can get a quote that is affordable and promises not to hike prices once you’ve joined them. Again, this is something that sets the company apart from many other providers.

Traditionally, providers offer a seemingly cheap tariff at first – only to ramp up the price once a commitment has been made. And that’s another thing; at Octopus Energy you can leave whenever you like. There are no penalties for leaving, all they ask for is some feedback on how they can make others’ experience better.

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