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Oink Energy is another newcomer here at Love Energy Savings and is a great example of one of the bespoke independent energy suppliers looking to take on the Big Six. Their ethos is pretty simple in that they offer just one straightforward tariff so you don’t have to spend time studying all of their different deals and packages.

Dead Simple Energy from Oink

As the name suggests, this energy supplier has as distinctive farmyard theme and have a trio of little squealers ready to help you when you go to their site. Luckily for you, the Love Energy Savings team can tell you right away if Oink Energy represent the best value for your gas and electricity needs; all you need to do is perform a free energy comparison by clicking the banner below.

This energy provider may well appeal to any customers looking for a no-fuss approach due to the fact that they only have one product. They also have a range of great tools that customers can take advantage of once they have moved their gas and electricity over to Oink.

The Oink Energy Fuel Mix

So, with no annoying tariffs to worry about, what else can Love Energy tell you about this new energy supplier. Well by law, all suppliers are now required to tell us and you just where they are getting their energy from. This may be particularly useful for anyone looking at their carbon footprint or who simply wants to use an ethical gas and electricity provider.

Coal: 0%

Natural Gas: 79% (CHP)

Renewables: 21%

Other: 0%

As you will see, these guys are faring pretty well when it comes to renewable energy with the national average being around the 11% mark. The majority of their energy comes from natural gas and in particular, combined heat and power (CHP). This is heat which is usually wasted a power plants but this can be recycled and harnessed. Overall, Oink Energy are certainly looking to do their bit when it comes to the environment and renewables.

As you may well be aware, there are all sorts of factors which determine whether or not an energy supplier represents the best value for your home. Your usage levels, locale and current supplier are all used to decide whether you should switch and who to. To find out whether Oink Energy is the perfect company for your needs, simply perform a free, no-obligation comparison online and let our energy experts take care of all the hard work for you. We don’t even charge you a single dime!

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