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Utility Warehouse Reviews, Prices & Tariffs

Utility Warehouse is unique in the world of energy supply. They offer a one-stop package covering gas, electricity and telecom services with optional cashback. 

Utility Warehouse is run like a club, with customers being its members.This new way to manage your utilities means that you make only one monthly payment and, by taking all of the services on offer, you gain access to a cashback card through which you can earn rewards at participating retailers. Your monthly cashback total is taken off your total bill, so you can make decent savings by shopping cannily. It certainly makes sense to take the card, even though there is a small charge for using it.

A quirky bonus they offer to all new customers is to have every single light bulb in your house changed for energy-saving LED bulbs. You’ll also get the benefit of free replacements whilst you remain a customer and smart meters are being rolled out to all energy customers.

Utility Warehouse has no shops and does not advertise on television or in the national press. The company uses word-of-mouth as a primary means of promotion and offers bonuses to distributors who recruit new customers and distributors.

  • Ownership

    Utility Warehouse  is the result of a partnership with energy giant npower. Their parent company, Telecom Plus, bought npower’s subsidiary companies Electricity Plus and Gas Plus in December 2013, from which Utility Warehouse was born. 

    With around 500,000 domestic energy customers, Utility Warehouse is now one of the biggest suppliers outside of the 'Big Six'.

  • Location

    Utility Warehouse headquarters are based at:

    508 Edgware Road

    The Hyde

    London, NW9 5AB

    The Utility Warehouse customer service team for new customers can be contacted on 0333 777 3 212. Alternatively, they can be dealt with by a Love Energy Savings representative if you choose to switch to or from a Utility Warehouse tariff through our comparison engine

  • Utility Warehouse prices and tariffs

    Business tariffs

    Business customers receive a service with the same price check guarantees as domestic customers receive. 

    If you take four or more of Utility Warehouse’s business energy   services, you’ll gain Gold status which entitles you to £200 to help you make the switch and an extra 10% discount on your energy prices after your first 12 months. As a Gold customer, you still have the opportunity to make more savings using the cashback card for purchases at participating retailers. 

    You can contact Utility Warehouse directly on 0333 777 3 212 or speak to a Love Energy Savings representative to get details of business tariffs.

    Utility Warehouse prices and tariffs

    When you switch your gas and electricity, Utility Warehouse guarantees you will save money compared to the average of the cheapest variable tariffs available from the 'Big Six' suppliers. Plus if they ever lower their prices, they'll lower yours too. They also guarantee to always let you know about their cheapest available tariff and help you change to it if you want, so you can save as much as possible.

    Utility Warehouse only ever offers four tariffs:

    • Value is at least 0.5% cheaper than the 'Big 6' and available to all Members. This tariff is also offered to all Members who pay for their energy on a prepayment meter.


    • Gold is at least 2.5% cheaper than the 'Big 6' and is available to Members who also take Phone and Broadband at the same address with them.


    • Double Gold is at least 5% cheaper than the 'Big 6'. 


    • Double Gold Fixed Energy is the cheapest Fixed Price tariff and is available to Members who also take Phone, Broadband and Mobile service with them at the same address.

    Utility Warehouse also offers two extra tariffs:

    Prepayment meter tariff

    A prepayment meter allows you to add a balance to your account so you’re able to pay as you go, you can add more money as and when needed. This allows you to be in complete control of your spending.

    Feed-In Tariff

    A feed-in tariff allows you to sell your energy back to the grid. Generating your own electricity allows you to profit from any surplus that is fed back into the grid.

  • Supply source

    Utility Warehouse energy sources comprise mainly coal, gas, nuclear and renewables.

    • Coal - 8.9%
    • Gas - 60.3%
    • Nuclear - 18.1%
    • Renewable - 8.9%
    • Other - 3.8%

    Compare these statistics to the typical fuel mix from UK suppliers in our wholesale energy guide.

  • Financial Performance

    The latest financial figures for Utility Warehouse Energy are from End of March 2019. They are as follows:

    Metric 2019 2018
    Turnover £176.9m £171m
    Gross profit £71.1m £68.6m
    Profit after tax £36.7m £35.2m


  • Awards

    Utility Warehouse has regularly picked up awards for its commitment to innovation in the energy industry. Here are just a few of their recent accolades: 

    • Which? magazine Utilities Brand of the Year 2018
    • Utility Warehouse was voted top energy supplier in a survey of nearly 9000 customers. Which? 2018
    • Moneywise Home Finance Awards 2017. Winners in two categories:
      • Best Value for money
      • Clarity of bills
  • Cancellation Policy

    Because Utility Warehouse is focused on customer service, its staff encourage you to ring their customer services to discuss your account. As you may have taken the full package this could be quite complicated. If you choose to remove one or two of the services on offer you will lose access to the cashback card and any benefits gained from its use.

  • Green performance

    Utility Warehouse sourced 8.9% of their fuel from renewable sources from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

See how much you could save on your business energy in 30 seconds!

Understanding your
Utility Warehouse bill

Your monthly bill covers every part of your chosen package starts with an overall summary, so you can see what you've spent on each service and your total monthly payment due. Each service is then covered in a separate bill detailing previous and current readings, tariffs, balance on budget plans and much more. 

As bills go, Utility Warehouse is very easy to understand and check; they even earned an award for the clarity of their bills in the Moneywise Home Finance Awards 2017.

How to switch to Utility Warehouse

Switching to Utility Warehouse from your current provider is easy with Love Energy Savings. Simply enter your details here to generate energy quotes for your home or business. Then, select the Utility Warehouse tariff that best meets your needs. 

Our operators will handle the rest, including communicating with your current provider and the team at Utility Warehouse. That way, you don’t need to do a thing.

See how much you could save on your business energy in 30 seconds!